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Looking for Spanish Chorizo

Hi! I am making Seafood Paella this weekend and need some good Spanish chorizo, the fresh, garlic-flavored pork link sausage, not the milder Mexican chorizo. Or, I could substitute LinguiƧa, a similar Portuguese sausage. Does anyone have a good source for either of these within the 494/694/394 corridor?

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  1. Try any Lunds or Byerly's.

    1. I know Seward has it. Also, St. Paul Cheese Shop and it's the same stuff as Seward. I think it's kind of everywhere once you know what you're looking for.


      1. Both Mississippi Markets.

        1. I've seen it at Coastal Seafoods as well. Probably available at Surdyk's too.

          1. Lunds and Byerleys don't have fresh Spanish chorizo but they to carry cured Spanish chorizo. I have used it in paella before. The brand is Palacious. I find it in the cold case near the deli.

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                1. I'd like to know where to find Linguica!

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                    That's exactly what I thought when I read the OP. I have had no problem finding Spanish chorizo, it's the Portuguese sausage that has eluded me!


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                      I saw linguica at Kramarczuk's a few weekends ago.

                      They had Mexican chorizo, but I don't remember seeing Spanish chorizo. The Mexican chorizo was okay, but not as good as what I've gotten at some of the Mexican markets around here - lacked any kind of heat.

                      My new favorite sausage is the green chorizo - bought it at El Burrito Mercado.

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                      Kramarczuk's has linguica. I don't know if they have it every day but I've seen it there. See the link I posted above.

                    3. For Linguica try Samba Taste of Brazil in Hopkins.

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                        I've always been curious about that place. Thanks for the tip! Is there anything else there we should know about?


                      2. Kitchen Window and Clancy's both carry spanish chorizo.

                        1. mexican chorizo is very different. garlic/chili flavor in mex sausage is distinct from the spanish variety