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Jan 31, 2013 09:58 AM

Looking for a good Almond Poppyseed cake recipe.

I made some Almond Poppyseed cookies a couple of weeks ago (trying to clone the ones from Whole Foods) and was so pleased with them, I now have a craving to make a cake. I googled around, and was surprised to find so few recipes. So thought I would ask here...anyone have a really yummy recipe for one? I know sometimes "cake" and "bread" get interchanged...I don't care what it's called, but I am looking from something like a pound cake.

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  1. I know that the solo brand of almond paste & poppyseed filling has great recipes on their website. Check it out.

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      Yes I think I might have made one of those before, a LONG time ago. Doesn't seem memorable though.

    2. I have a friend who told me she liked another friends vanilla poppyseed cake and would not share the recipe. I said never mind. I'll make you one and if you like I'll give you the recipe. The recipe I used was in Greg Patent's American Baking Book. Instead of the lemon his recipe called for, I substituted the seeds of a whole vanilla bean along with the poppyseeds. I could see using the same recipe but adding a teaspoon of pure almond extract and then (in the bottom of the tube pan) sprinkling sliced and toasted almonds to become a garnish. If you are using a removable bottom tube pas suck as used for angel food, scatter the almonds over the top before baking. Mine was a pound cake type and I made a white chocolate sauce to serve along side and sliced strawberries.

      1. My family likes the very old-fashioned recipe on the inside of the Baker's poppyseed filling jar label. It is baked in a tube pan and comes out a like a cross between poppyseed bread and cake. It doesn't call for almond extract but I think that would be a great addition. I might have to make it this weekend!

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          Thanks. I'll see if I can find that online.