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Jan 31, 2013 09:23 AM

Japas - Bloor & Clinton

Has anyone tried Japas yet? It's a relatively new Japanese tapas and oyster bar but apparently not an izakaya. Menu seems to focus more on oysters and seafood than anything else, with some very reasonable happy hour specials.

There's a Buytopia deal on right now for it... Worth it?

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  1. Also would be interested to hear more about it.. have walked by a few times but never gone in.

    1. Never been, but 1. worst name ever and 2. is it even japanese? Not an izakaya? The menu looks like a Guu copycat

      1. That name sets Asians back worse than William Hung.

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        1. i just bought one, can't use it until Feb 10th so until then...

          1. That's a pretty cursed location isn't it? Definitely not Japanese ownership.