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Jan 31, 2013 08:39 AM

microwave cooking at work!

Hi guys.
I've started eating pretty healthy now, but at work I tend to eat a bunch of fruit (bananas, clemantines, smoothies etc) and not much veg.

I've just realised, I can (for example) steam broccoli in the microwave downstairs. I assume I can do this in tupperware.

broccoli is nice, but obviously I can't just munch down on that. Is there someting I can stick in there with it?

I've made things like stew and chilli before, but sometimes it's nice to raid the fridge in the morning, grab some yoghurt, humus, fruit etc. Minimal preparation. If I cooked some chicken breast for example, could I reheat that in the microwave? I could always eat that cold obvs. How about rice? Reheating Or cooking?

I don't actually own a microwave, and haven't had one in the house for... 8 years? Never been a fan.

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  1. Yes you could reheat chicken breast in the microwave. I've found it works best to cover it with a paper towel though, so the steam stays in and keeps the chicken from getting too dry. It also works best if the chicken has some kind of sauce on it already, like pesto, or red sauce or something like that. Chicken is never as good reheated as it is freshly cooked, but it's still very edible.

    Rice is iffy with reheating. If you have some kind of sauce with it it's fine, but if it's plain, it's harder to do, but if you do it, do it with the paper towel over it. I believe they also sell bowls of pre-cooked brown rice that are meant for the microwave. I've bought them in the past at Trader Joe's and Costco but I'm guessing they're available in other stores too.

    For your broccoli, what about bringing along some pre-cooked pasta? You could keep it really simple and have it with a vinaigrette dressing of some kind.

    I actually always make extra of any meal I make, and put it in portioned containers after I make it, that way I have grab and go lunches for the next day. The only thing I have not successfully reheated is pork chops, so I don't make extra of those. Oh and some veggies don't reheat well, like snow peas. They just get slimy.

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      I have had no problem reheating frozen or refrigerated rice. I put in a bowl, sprinkle a bit of water or broth over, cover, and nuke.

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        Oh I've never tried adding a bit of extra water, I will have to try that sometime. My office doesn't have a sink (we're supposed to be getting one but who knows when that'll be) so often the idea of using water doesn't pop in my head... even though we have plenty of bottled water Thanks!

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          I was about to say the same thing about water. Sprinkle some on the rice and it reheats with no problems.

          1. re: valerie

            +1 to this. Add a tiny bit of water.

    2. I bring my lunch to work most days. Typically, I bring leftovers. Say, a piece of chicken, rice, and some veg. I usually put it all together in one container and then either reheat or, more often, just eat it at room temp. The only thing I must have HOT is soup.

      If you want to grab and go, keep cut up veggies in the fridge and maybe make some easy sauces in advance. Sometimes I use salad dressing to pour over grain and/or steamed veggies, other times mix some prepared Chili/black bean sauce with some liquid and use that as a sauce.

      1. You can make polenta in the microwave in 12 minutes. You can make risotto in the microwave in about 20 minutes.

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          I don't think his coworkers would be too pleased if he tied up the microwave for 20 minutes to make risotto.

          I like bringing baked potatoes to work. I bake them the night before and split them in half and put them in a microwavable glass container. I put my veggies on top of the potato (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, aspragus, whatever), any meat (leftover chicken or chopped ham usually) and add a little shredded cheese. Separately, I pack some RF sour cream and chopped green onions. When it's time for lunch, I add a teaspoon or so of water to my potato, and heat it, covered, for 3 minutes. The veggies steam up perfectly. Then I top with the sour cream, salt/pepper and the green onions. Filling and healthy.

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            This is a great idea! Sometimes I don't have leftovers and end up eating frozen meals, which my body hates. I like this idea much better.

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              I love that idea. And if I make that for my bf's lunch I could make it guy friendly and add chili and cheese. He would love that

          2. i suggest that you follow what the others said about packing leftovers. My bf gets a lunchbox every day. And if its something that he doesn't like reheated like fish I pull a lunchbox from the freezer from another dinner.

            1. All summer I worked from 2 til 10, so I had to find meals to eat for supper that would re-heat with ease in a microwave.

              I found pasta with sauces re-heated well, as did a variety of rice dishes. Just remember to heat them up thoroughly.

              The broccoli would be nice tossed in a little soy and sesame oil, perhaps with a little grating of fresh ginger in the too. You could prepare the sauce at home in a couple minutes. I would add a little rice to bulk it up some too.