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Jan 31, 2013 08:22 AM

Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen - Yonge and Eglinton

Out walking the dog I noticed that this new place has opened. I think it was mentioned on this site already, but not in its own thread. My friend took out the lobster poboys for lunch and said that they were amazing. I just got a look at them and they did look yummy. Around $12 - 13 for 3 rolls and some small salad/veg sides. Next time I am leaving the dog at home and going in!

Anyone else tried this place yet?

They will batter and cook fish to order as well.

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  1. I picked up some fish & chips recently - lightly battered, moist and excellent. Not too greasy. Also quick. Not a fan of the chips - really chunky wedges, which are not my thing, but the coleslaw's very light - with what tasted like maybe a rice vinegar vinegrette, and nicely offset the fried stuff. $28ish for 2 orders, but if you're a med-light eater you could easily share one. I understand they will grill whatever fish they have available for you - which could be a great option for takeout (plus no fish to contend with in the kitchen!)

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      Sorry - that was $24.84 for 2 orders (incl tax) - just came across the receipt.

    2. Went back for those lobster rolls. Delicious. Served with perfect polenta fries and a vegetable side. I opted for a sort of creole salad and it was yummy. They gave me a taste of their in house smoked salmon which was wonderful.

      Service is fantastic. I will be back...and back...and back.

      1. We went a couple of weeks ago for fish and chips. They were very, very good and I rank them right up there with High Street and Old Yorke. Right now this place is really just a shop that has 5-6 stools and a counter, so to call it a restaurant is a bit of a stretch, but you can certainly make yourself comfortable for a quick sit down. As they are recently opened maybe they will expand the restaurant aspect of the business as time goes on. Chips are wedges - which I loved and I do agree that 2 people could split an order, especially at lunch. They make their own tartar sauce. Coleslaw was also good but they plunk it in the box along with the hot stuff so it gets all mixed in together - I would have preferred it to be in its own container, so it stays cold, but that's such a minor complaint. The fresh fish looked lovely. I do hope he makes a go of this business and I will definitely be back.

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          I agree. Chef Anthony and his wife + partner Daniela seem like great people and this is just the type of place that you want to see thrive.

          (I posted a pic below so you will know what you are looking for from the street.)

        2. Where exactly at Y & E??

          Sounds really promising.


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            It is at 2584 Yonge Street. North of Briar Hill and south of Albertus on the west side.

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              Several blocks north of Y&E. The shop is north of Briar Hill Ave., a couple stores south of Uncle Betty's Diner @ Yonge & Albertus.

              Here's a pic of the Fish and Chips

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                That explains why I haven't seen it.