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Jan 31, 2013 08:13 AM

Cooking Dulce de Leche with evaporated rather than sweetened condensed milk

Is it possible to cook Dulce de Leche using evaporated rather than sweetened condensed milk? I have a number of cans I'm trying to use up. I'm thinking about sweetening it myself, then caramelizing slowly in a pan, rather than boiling the cans directly as you would with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Has anybody tried this and have a recipe, or have the acumen and foresight to warn me if I'm just setting myself up for disaster?

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  1. Did you ever try this?

    Fany Gerson has directions for making cajeta out of goat's milk (not evaporated), so I went for it with a can of evaporated milk and sugar when making her chocoflan. I cooked the sugar (I realized I had some jaggery/piloncillo on hand, and tossed some in) and evaporated milk for a while, until thick, to make the sauce.

    So, I am posting this for anyone who has a can of evaporated milk and wonders if it can be done. It does, but takes time.

    I did not have so much luck when I tried to use evaporated milk with sugar in another recipe, without cooking it for long enough.

    1. If you try this, I'd suggest using a low oven rather than the stovetop for the caramelization process. It's likely to take a long time, and if you do it on the stove you'll have to stir and stir to make sure it doesn't burn. I have made cajeta out of goat's milk on the stovetop, and it took a solid couple of hours of stirring.