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Jan 31, 2013 08:05 AM


Have some time one evening in Pawtucket - since I know nothing about Pawtucket - would like to find a place to eat, not terribly fancy - but good solid food and service

-- we are foodies so almost anything goes, the boys do like their steak,,, and if there is a solid sushi place - that would be something to consider for them as well -

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  1. If you are foodies and are looking for something at the level of steak and sushi, I will tell you to drive the few extra minutes to Providence. Pawtucket has a couple mom n pop Italian places but it is not really a good dining destination. You will understand when you get there. I have family there and where to go to eat is always an issue. There are a few pub type places in East Providence, which is not far from Pawtucket.

    1. here's a place in Rumford, just over the line.

      I haven't been, but I'm pretty sure there has been a post about it. Just can't find it.

      Hopefully someone will post now.

      1. Dohertys East Ave cafe as a great beer selection and good pub food.

        1. Well - I guess that does it in for Pawtucket,,,,,May have to find something for brunch perhaps before the play in Providence?

          1. I heard there is a Chinese restaurant there with 3 menus.
            Chinese only.

            A friend says it is good, but I don't know the name.

            Can't be too many places in Pawtucket.