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Jan 31, 2013 07:45 AM

Easter Brunch in Paris 2013

Our family (including 3 children 8, 6 and 2) are traveling to Paris for the week surrounding Easter. I would love to find a delicious, child friendly, good priced (under or around 30Euro p/p) restaurant for Easter brunch. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't have specific suggestions, but I'd bet my lunch money that you won't find an "Easter Brunch" -- you'll find plenty of Sunday brunches around, but having a special meal for a religious holiday is pretty unheard of.

    Easter is observed by the devout, and because everyone goes to Mami's for dinner, but Good Friday isn't celebrated at all and Monday is the bank holiday.

    You might try Breakfast in America or Joe Allen.

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      Okay, good to know...I don't need anything specifically Easter...i just meant Easter SUnday. SHould have clarified that:) Do you know of any good Sunday brunches?

    2. Good news first. Quantity-wise, many many restaurants "do" this.

      But if you want good food, which is what this board is about, that is another matter.
      The brunch in Paris is a not very good version of the American brunch, which itself is already not exactly epicurian.

      1. Didn't someone talked about a BYOB place that does brunch recently ?

        Well, they call it a "Drunch" ...

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        1. re: Maximilien

          Yea, I guess I am using a lot of American lingo here aren't I! I didn't really think about that. I guess I need to rephrase my question all over again! Where should/can I eat in Paris on Easter Sunday? What's good and what will be open on that holiday?

          1. re: ashleyMback

            Just go for lunch -- brunch is a rather awkward interpretation. Breakfast is pastries or toasted baguette and coffee...a very, very simple meal.

            As above, Easter is really not a visibly-celebrated holiday, so any place that's normally open on a Sunday will more than likely be open on Easter.

            1. re: sunshine842

              Okay, thanks. I heard some talk of things filling up on Easter Sunday and also of places being closed so I wanted to be sure that we had a reservation somewhere. I guess I'll just look at your recommendations for Paris restaurants and make a normal reservation at one of those. Thanks.

              1. re: ashleyMback

                BIA and Joe Allen serve American-style food -- you might want to google their websites and see if their brunches are within your likes/budget before you make a res.

            2. re: ashleyMback

              That changes everything.
              Sunday lunch I quite like Café des Musées. At other times the restaurant gets hectic and the waiters are less nice.
              Sunday noon, the crowd is a different crowd. Very local. Laid back. Wait staff too is nicer and smiles much more. Food always good.
              Then there's the Easter issue. No one knows if the restos usually open Sundy will be open Easter Sunday. Chances are good. But restaurant won't announce whether they are closing until a few weeks in advance.

          2. My problem on Sundays is finding a place that doesn't serve brunch.
            I'd take a look at this article and lean toward the Rose Bakery