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Jan 31, 2013 07:45 AM

Raw Chicken Wings in bulk

Where's the best place to buy raw chicken wings in bulk? Wouldn't mind spending extra money for capon wings as well. Would also prefer fresh over frozen, but in the end it's not a deal breaker.

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  1. Call Mike at Boucherie La Preference on Dollard St. in Lasalle. He always has tons of wings, and depending on what bulk means to you, you might get a better price than what he shows.

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    1. re: davidpg

      Same La Preference as the marche de l'ouest?

      1. re: davidpg

        No, not La Preference, don't do it. We wanted some last minute fresh wings a few weeks ago and didn't have time to get to St Vincent so we were stuck with La Preference.

        They were no good and they were previously frozen, I was pissed considering they charged the same price (or maybe $1/kg less than St Vincent who's poultry/wings are top notch and have great taste.

        I think StV is up to $9.99/kg, $8.99 at Pref and not much cheaper at supermarkets. St V is definitely worth the extra dollar or two. Call up either location and make sure they have stock. A few months ago they were out of wings and I believe chicken entirely at JTM but their Atwater location had plenty.

        1. re: JerkPork

          It's not the same Pref as the Marché de l'Ouest.

          I've been shopping there for almost 30 years and through two issues, and literally am on the phone with the owner as I type this. Always fresh, never frozen.

      2. Especially with superbowl coming up, you can find that in grocery stores, fresh meat in the "family pack" section

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          1. At Segal's you can get a frozen bag of organic chicken wings for maybe 4.99/ 1 kl?

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