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Jan 31, 2013 05:45 AM


We're from the East Coast and will be in San Francisco for a week in March.
Want to go to Sausalito on one of those days.
Any suggestions of a good place for lunch with a nice view?

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    1. Many thanks Wolfe.
      The menus for the 2 you suggested, look fabulous!

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      1. re: Plumsted

        Both of those places have very good food. Le Garage is a bit fancier, but it IS in a garage. Fish is very informal, with drinks in Mason jars. Both are out of the way--not in the main touristy part of Sausalito--and somewhat hard to get to without a car. I'm not disagreeing with Wolfe, just expanding a bit.

        1. re: Glencora

          Glencora, thanks for the additional information.
          Darn, we will not have a car.
          How far would you say they are from the ferry terminal?

          1. re: Plumsted

            Google says 1.3 miles to Le Garage and 1.7 miles to Fish.

            1. re: wally

              It's a very nice walk to Le Garage (or further to Fish) along the waterfront. Just go as close to the water as you can and you'll go by at least one interesting houseboat community. Le Garage is currently my favorite place in Marin.

            2. re: Plumsted

              I've walked up from the ferry landing to Fish many times. I've noticed lots of folk renting bikes at the ferry landing, there's also a bus along Bridgeway.

        2. The Trident has a great view. They still have the same chef as before they spruced the place up a bit and reverted to their old name so reports on Horizons are probably still current.

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          1. Certainly, sitting outside on the back deck at The Trident is a great plan. They got really well reviewed for their ciopppino. I tried their mussels and thought theywere wonderful. The benef here is that it's an easy walk from the ferry.

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            1. re: tayres

              You also get a visual taste of the place in its heyday back inthe 60s and 70s. The inside hasn't changed much since then. The servers have :-)