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Jan 30, 2013 11:47 PM

Tonkotsu Ramen in Tokyo

I know taste in ramen can be highly personal. Personally, I adore that rich, milky, porky broth of tonkotsu. Do you guys have some favorite spots for tonkotsu ramen in Tokyo? Favorites for other types of ramen I should try?

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  1. Ramen comes up a LOT here and has been covered pretty thoroughly. Have you researched the board yet? If you aren't satisfied with what we've already shared, try being more specific about location, i.e. which train station...You can look into blended broths, which combine elements of fish and animal (pork/chicken) stocks. All covered.

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      Hey, at least the OP wasn't asking about "tonkatsu" ramen, so we can count our blessings.

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        Mighty smug crowd over here in the Tokyo forums. I do know a bit about ramen, though apparently much less about where to find it.

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          Blogs really are the best for ramen. CH can help, but it's very often a rehashing of older posts. The bloggers tend to eat more bowls, take more pictures, and rate things much more often. I'd hazard a guess that while in Japan, I ate more ramen than most of the regular CH contributors. That said, I used blogs to find new shops. The ones listed by kamiosaki below are a good start. When I wanted to find a shop, I'd just google the name of the area or station along with the word 'ramen'. If there's a decent shop around, at least one ramen blogger will have found it already and put it up online. I know it's not too helpful, but them's the breaks.

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        I did some poking around on CH and found a few posts with links to outside resources and rhetoric about requests needing to be more specific regarding ramen type and location. I've had great success relying on fellow chowhounders for recommendations both locally and just about wherever my travels take me, so I was hoping to hear from some Tokyo Chowhounders about their favorites.

        If you need some locations, let's start with: Ginza, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Aoyama, Akihabara, Ebisu, and Tsikiji. I'm uncertain if these are train stations. I've just gotten comfortable enough with a map of Tokyo to know these are the areas I'll likely be spending most of my time in.

        If there are some recent posts that list Chowhounders' ramen favorites, would love to see them.

        1. re: rushbikes

          Suggest poking around even more and digging up posts on your own. Anything that comes up will be ones that we've covered and would simply be repeated. And a couple of those outside links that have been mentioned in the past are the personal projects of several of the regulars here and are worth looking into.

          Despite it's real world size and scale, the Tokyo community on CH is quite small. Expect a certain amount of fatigue for ramen, sushi, yakitori, kobe beef requests....That said, the same blanket suggestion of the popular tonkotsu chains still stands. Ippudo, Kyushu Jangara, and Ichiran all have multiple branches in most of those neighborhoods.

        2. I just remembered that Jon's website has a good section on what he calls 'junk food'. Good ramen recs there. The second one listed, Tsujita is one of my all time favorites.

          Many places are good, but have one problem in one aspect, Tsujita does EVERYTHING well and that's important.

          EDIT: and although the chashu-don can taste a bit like propane because they flame the pork, it's still pretty damn good. If you're a big glutton like me, go for it and then spoon a bit of broth into the rice bowl for extra caloric deliciousness.