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Jan 30, 2013 08:20 PM

Ibiza, Danbury, CT

Finally great food in the strip of mediocre restaurants nearby. If you are familiar with the sister restaurants located in Hamden and New Haven then you know that excellent quality Tapas can be found here. Ibiza is new and located in a nondescript building housing other restaurants. The sign should be out on Mill Plane Road soon so for now just look for the Chinesse Panda restaurant sign and go in the parking lot towards the rear. You will see a wood door that is the entrance to this wonderful Tapas and Wine bar that offers great tapas such as a Skirt Steak, Loin of Pork, Lamb Ravioli and Cod Fish Fritters. I had all these and more this evening. Try the Hamburguesitas( sliders like you never had before) and the wines by the glasss to compliment your meal. The cocktails are all craft made with fresh squeezed juices, best mojitos around. Price is more than reasonable and the service is excellent. Go before the crowds descend on this place and make it impossible to get in. By the warm weather this place will be alive and packed with people that appreciate the quallity of food being served.

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  1. Can't wait to try it. Danbury desperately needs some world class food. Mezon was a huge disappointment.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, we'll check it out. Your post (your first on Chowhound) reads like you are affiliated with the restaurant. Are you?

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        No, I'm not. Just an enthusiastic Eater that is happy to see that the Ibiza restos, that I enjoy so much from Hamden and especially New Haven, have chosen to set up shop near where I live. It's not perfect but a work in progress as it just opened.

      2. I agree completely with Eater203. I've been to the Danbury location of this great family of restaurants only once, for the opening, but am returning tonight. I've been acquainted with Ignacio Blanco's restaurants for many years -- first Meson Galicia in Norwalk, then Meigas in NYC and then in Norwalk again, Ibiza itself in New Haven, Ibiza Tapas in New Haven and then Hamden -- and have had many of the greatest meals at these places that I've enjoyed anywhere, and never been disappointed. They are known to aficionados of Spanish cuisine as the best in CT, and rank as the best, or among the best, in NYC and the area. Blanco travels frequently back to Galicia and other culinary meccas of Spain, and staffs his CT restaurants chiefly with wonderful chefs and waitstaff from those regions. They're well worth a trip, though Blanco is expanding all over the region, maintaining the highest standards at each of his locations. Highest recommendations.

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            Everything was as good as I happily remember from the many wonderful meals I've enjoyed at Ignacio Blanco's previous restaurants. My companions were happy and satisfied with various tapas, mostly seafood. I enjoyed those too, such as sardines topped with a savory tapenade on toast; a special tuna empanada; chevre dotted with fresh figs; Ignacio's signature croquettes de bacalao; and something that might have been crabmeat layered with a delicate mayonnaise and topped with fresh, tart greens (something like arugula?). Glutton that I am, I also ordered a main course of grilled salmon; my companions didn't seem interested, except when Ignacio brought a complimentary plate of the same for the table I noticed it was gleefully devoured in minutes. A couple of us were still tempted to order a couple more tapas, including baby squid, with a Spanish rice, in its own ink, which was terrific. Desserts featured a creme catalan (for me, anyway), an intensely chocolate flourless cake, and one or two other sweets that Ignacio produced without our orders, all of which went down quickly and blissfully with appropriate glasses of port (white and red) that Ignacio also provided, gratis, to our table. If all of this sounds like too much food, I must admit we could have stopped after the first few tapas and a good white wine (from Rueda) recommended by our host; but we ate it all, very happily, and did not feel stuffed afterward. The food was all delicious, delicate, and rich in flavor but not bloating. I admit that much of the dinner was selected for us by Ignacio, who has known us all for years, and who provided many dishes and wines on the house. But that is not unusual for a restaurateur with a deservedly loyal clientele -- and it should be an additional prod to get better acquainted with Ignacio Blanco and his amazing and reliable cuisine.

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            Completely agree. The quality of the food at Ibiza in New Haven makes it a world class restaurant and we are lucky to have it in our state.