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Jan 30, 2013 07:55 PM

Try AnchorBar in Hamilton

Great menu - upscale and more pricey that regular bar but totally worth it for quality of food - interesting story re link with the famous Buffalo chicken wings bar - quick and friendly service and warm welcome from 'main guy' Tal Adler. This might be just what downtown Hamilton needs!

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  1. I think I read in the paper tonight that they will be charging around $9.00 for 8 wings, with surcharges for suicide and hot insanity. Must admit that I find this rather costly. Besides, in Buffalo, I prefer Honey's wings to Anchor Bar anyway. On a plus note, good move for the owner's. Once the new McMaster University expansion is complete downtown, the place will be a gold mine.

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      You find it costly for $9.00 for 8 wings?!? Well wait till you learn the real price is $12 for 8, $23 for 16, and $42 for 30! That's right off their new Canadian website,