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Jan 30, 2013 07:53 PM

Whither San Diego's Avocados?

From the WSJ in an article titled "Thirsty Farmers Turn to Wine":


"Faced with skyrocketing water prices and an uncertain supply, avocado farmers in San Diego County, long the nation's top avocado-producing region, are uprooting their trees in favor of more water-efficient crops. Many are growing grapes and getting licenses to operate wineries. Others are replacing avocado trees with exotic flowers or specialty fruits that they can hawk at local farmers markets."

Read it all here:

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  1. it's happening in TX as well. but then raising water-hungry crops like avocados or cotton in an arid place never made much sense.

    1. All I saw was...

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      1. I like that we are getting more local wineries and hope that, in time, we could develop some respectable local wine producers. That said, please keep some of the avocado trees because they were a big part of my childhood hiking in the back country and see avocado trees on the hillsides.

        1. Nice pun, ipse.

          (wither/whither. well, almost)

          1. Most avocado's come from Mexico, I'd opt for a 'few' more quality vineyards while keeping our local crop of avocado's well maintained. Maybe Fallbrook for a great location?

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              Up until about 3-5 years ago avocados were a protected crop in CA an Mexican avocados could not be imported. IIRC, the change happened after one of the big fires?

              I think BC hit the nail on the head, SD county farmers have had their water resources impacted and they are now paying more $$$ for less water making those avos pretty pricey to produce.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                I remember it was about 3 years ago when imports started from Mex.