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Jan 30, 2013 07:48 PM

ISO Shabbos Slow Cooker Recs

I want a new slow cooker, to use mostly on shabbos. Any recs?

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Those are for recipes to cook in the slow cooker, but the OP is looking for recommendations for equipment.

      1. re: GilaB

        My bad - I have a Hamilton Beach model with a removable ceramic insert - that works very well

      1. In my experience, cheap models are better for Shabbos than fancy ones, as the programmable ones mostly kick over to 'warm' automatically after 12 hours.

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        1. re: GilaB

          The even bigger concern are the ones that shut off after 12 hours. Switching to warm is theoretically ok as long as warm keeps your food above a safe level. Very few foods require cooking for longer than 12 hours(cholent def does not).

          I was recently looking at some of the fancy models thinking they might be more flexible if they let you program a shutoff time and would auto-switch to warm once the food is cooked. In the end, I couldn't find a model that would stay on past 12 hours. So yes, the cheap basic models are the safest.

          1. re: GilaB

            A friend of mine got an expensive All Clad as a gift and when she went to use it, she realized it was not ok for Shabbat.

            My cheapie slow cooker from Aldi's worked great for chulent and did not have an automatic settings