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Jan 30, 2013 07:24 PM

Symphony Space area

We are going to a concert at symphony space and would like a recommendation for a good, but not too too pricey dinner in the area.

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  1. if you like greek food, try kefi on 85th and columbus.

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      1. re: intrepid3591

        I disagree. It's not top-quality, but it's not fast food or mediocre. It is not, e.g. the McDonalds of Greek food.

    1. What do you consider "too pricey"? There's an excellent small plates/wine bar about a block away - Buceo (95th between Amsterdam & Bway).

      We enjoyed our one meal at Numero 28 (92nd or so & Amsterdam). We like the bar at Gennaro (Amsterdam & 92nd I think). For something more downscale, try Malecon (Amsterdam & 97th). We've also enjoyed Cafe Frida (Amsterdam & 98th). For further away, I second the rec of Kefi and would also add Cotta Osteria (85th & Columbus).

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        buceo good, gennaro mediocre, numero28 mediocre

      2. There's also La Mirabelle on 86th & Columbus, for good traditional French food.

        1. I also like Malecon and Gennaro (remember the antipasta plate was good, though it's been awhile since I've been).

          Best Indian in the area is Indus Valley at Broadway & 100th, though it's on the pricey side for Indian. You might consider Pio Pio at Amsterdam & 94th ( check menupages to see if you like the menu). Decent Mexican at Noche Mexicana on Amsterdam near 100th or 101st. Haven't tried it, but am curious about Warique, a Peruvian place on Amsterdam near 101st.

          Cheapest of all, if the weather is good: the taco truck on 96th St. west of Broadway!

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          1. re: rteplow

            I've been to Warique a few times and enjoyed myself. I don't know enough about Peruvian food to say how authentic it was, but I found it tasty.

          2. Thanks for the responses. We ended up going to Fish Tag on 79th St. Enjoyed the food, especially the Branzino. You can get most of the fish dishes prepared grilled instead of (for instance) stuffed with head cheese. I got the Kale/smoked trout salad/crackers, which was a bit odd--not sure those ingredients meld too well and the kale was served raw (prefer the trendier, but worth it, "massaged", but would go back.