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Jan 30, 2013 06:41 PM

Best infrared thermometer for making caramel?


I have read some infrared thermometers might not work on transparent fluids and so might not work for making caramel. Anyone care to share the model they own and use for this purpose?


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  1. I have no idea, but I am chiming in so that I will be notified of the answer for this important question...!

    1. Is there really no one with knowledge of this subject?

      1. Mavrik Infrared BBQ thermometer with a D:S = 9:1 is what we use and it works very well for caramel. Honestly, if it were water clear it appears it would still work, I shot it into a clear bowl of water and got a reading, then let the water run on hot and refilled the bowl and got a much higher reading, I didn't check the water temperature with another thermometer for accuracy, but it definately picks up a difference in temperature on a clear liquid.

        This wasn't a very expensive thermometer, but perhaps less expensive ones don't work as well. We've checked it for accuracy before with a thermapen and it seems to be accurate.

        1. I would use a Thermapen.