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Jan 30, 2013 06:40 PM

Super Bowl recipes for us veg-heads

Just wondering what you are all planning to serve. Either vegetarian or vegan. I'm headed to a friend's house, but need to bring something and I'm not sure what I'll make yet. It needs to be something *I* really want to eat, since I know there will be meaty things there and my options will be very limited, but that will please other guests as well. Thoughts?

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  1. mushroom and goat cheese in puff pastry (pinwheels)
    Bob's spicy olive cheese balls (chowhound recipe)
    tea sandwiches (cucumber with cream cheese, cilantro chutney with cream cheese, etc.)

    wow, it is really tough for me to think of veg. finger food w/out cheese! my other suggestions would be Indian apps which tend to be deep fried...

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    1. re: ceekskat

      Can you link the spicy olive cheese ball recipe? I just searched and can't find it.

      I'm cheese-centric with apps, too, and need to find a way out.

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        I cheat & use Google search :)

        I personally skip the worcestershire & tabasco and am generous with cayenne.

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          thank you! this looks great. Except I'm eating gluten free for now, so the flour is a problem. But I'm saving this for later!

    2. Just wanted to point out that this discussion is going on right now, too! "A Vegan at the Super Bowl!"

      1. make some edamame hummus.
        whirl some formerly frozen, cooked, shelled, edamame in a blender with a little olive oil and some salt.
        serve with pita chips.

        also, asian noodle salad made with a peanut/soy/chili pepper/honey/vinegar sauce
        slice some green onlions on the diagonal to add to the salad.
        if some of your party is made up of adventurous eaters, you can garnish with cilantro and some chopped, roasted peanuts.

        also, it's always a hit when i show up with homemade candied, roasted pecans.

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          I'm working on some candied almonds! I am loving this candied nuts thing! It's pretty different in my experience and people can't stay away!

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            I do love edamame hummus! And candied pecans!

          2. I created a Pinterest board today of what I'd like to work on for things to bring to a Superbowl party where the has animal products throughout the menu.

            I like the idea of making roasted broccoli with melted Daiya cheddar wedge, chopping it up and stuffing mini potato [skins?].

            basil hummus

            tempeh sliders (slice up the tempeh, the tempeh patty in 4 pieces)

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              I would love to hear how the tempeh sliders work out! that sounds fantastic!

            2. While I will not be watching the Super Bowl--no cable and another country--I still want an excuse to eat the following things:



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                I was looking at those potato skins, Peaches. They look awesome, don't they? I am going to a party and thought about bringing those but decided it would be too annoying to transport all the sides and then keep the skins warm at my friend's house.