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Jan 30, 2013 06:20 PM

King Cakes in the Bay Area

After reading a very tempting sounding article in today's New York Times about king cakes, I was wondering if they are available anywhere in the Bay Area. Not just a cake sprinkled with colored sugar, which I have seen at grocery stores, but an authentic king cake. Thanks!

Here's the NY Times article:

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  1. I have ordered king cakes for the last couple of years for my husband(who grew up in New Orleans) from Noe Valley Bakery. They seem moister than the one's we have gotten mail ordered from New Orleans. Probably because they are fresher. That said, I think my husband would rather the ones from NO. They taste like home to him. I've ordered from Haydel's and Randazzo's. All of them are delicious

    1. Since Foodspotting has been in the news, thought I'd search for king cake to check out the site.

      So the search function needs a little work...but now we know it's available at Bi-Rite too.

      1. In South Bay, I've tried Aki's Bakery, which was a bit of a disappointment. Out of desparation, I usually get one or two every year from Lunardi's supermarket on Bascom (in SJ). Obviously I can't call it an authentic king cake, as a former Louisiana residence, but it fills the void.

        1. Here's a thread from last year...

          Wonder if it still works for this year...

          1. I'm a Cajun ex-pat, and having lived in the Bay Area for the past six years I still haven't found anything even close to the real deal. Your best bet is to mail order a cake from NoLa. It's a touch pricey as they overnight the cakes, but I've never found it affects the quality too greatly. I've always ordered mine from Haydel's or Gambino's bakeries, and they are consistently excellent. It's making me homesick just thinking about them....*tear*