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Jan 30, 2013 05:50 PM

Sunday waffles-any interesting toppings

other than syrup-bleck

1 1/2 cups whole almonds, ground in food processor
1/2 cups walnuts, ground in food processor
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt
1/4 cup canola oil
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
2 eggs, separated
1 tsp vanilla
Cooking spray

picture from previous preparation. just threw blueberries on top

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  1. - Lemon curd

    - Orange Marmalade

    - No maple syrup or no syrup at all? Vanilla Bean Rum Syrup?

    - Pineapple Compote and Coconut Milk Creme Anglaise and/or Toasted Coconut Shreds

    - Vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise

    - Black Pepper Balsamic Strawberries

    - Cranberry Orange Zest Sauce

    - (Melted and warmed) Coffee Ice Cream

    - Stewed Rhubarb

    - Candied Avocado

    - Chocolate Chips and Marshmallows (browned under the broiler)

    - Crushed Pecan Praline

    - Homemade Chocolate Sauce

    - (Homemade or Purchased) Nutella

    - Speculoos Butter

    - Apples sautéed with Cinammon, Vanilla and Tuaca

    - Diced Candied Yams

    - White Chocolate Cream Cheese Sauce with Raspberries

    - Browned Butter and: graham cracker crumbs or grilled fruit or
    white chocolate

    - Roasted Pumpkin Cubes and/or Seeds or Pumpkin Mousse name a few...

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      1. re: rtms

        2 different ways to do it..
        - if you want crispier chips, brush very thin slices of avocado with lime juice. beat some egg whites til frothy; i generally like to add in some vanilla bean seeds. then dip the avocado slices and toss with brown sugar (you can use granulated if you prefer). put in a 200 F degree oven, and let dry out for two to three hours.

        -for softer, candied pieces, i do the same prep except with diced or chopped avocado. then melt and/or brown some butter over low heat. add the avocado, and saute turning regularly until the outsides crisp and have a nice goldenness.

        both good, just depends what you want. pairs nicely with greek yogurt too.

        1. re: Emme

          You have got to be kidding. This sounds incredible.

          1. re: Emme

            I am having a hard time imagining how one could do this with ripe avocado. I assume in order to slice it thinly and have it hold up under so much manipulation, it needs to be fairly firm and thus unripe?

            1. re: Emme

              I would imagine that if you're doing "softer, candied pieces," the avocado would have to be pretty hard. Otherwise it would turn into mush.

              1. re: roxlet

                Really sharp knife... even with really ripe... I'm very careful... Trick of the trade is once it's ripe, stick it in the freezer for a few minutes to make slicing easier...

          2. re: Emme

            wow, this list is great, thanks! not sure where to start, usually do carmalized apples or bananas. candied yams..that sounds good.

            next the pineapple compote and coconut milk creme (know a good recipe for that?)

            1. re: gd_fluffymon

              5 egg yolks
              70 g sugar
              2 cups coconut cream
              1 vanilla bean scraped, or 1 tbsp extract

              Whisk together yolks and sugar until pale and ribbony. Heat coconut cream and vanilla seeds til just below boiling. Temper the eggs with a little coconut cream, then add the eggs back to the vanilla cream. Heat over low heat, stirring until it reaches 170-175 F, just below boiling. (I don't always use thermometer, just so long as it passes the "back of the spoon line test.") If using extract instead, stir this in now.

            2. re: Emme

              We do lemon curd a lot. Also, some kind of fruit (strawberries, apricots, peaches, etc.) left to macerate with some mint, sugar, and citrus juice while I make the waffles. And guava syrup -- in a pot with some sugar and water and vanilla bean while I pull the waffles together, seeds and all, then strained to serve.

            3. chocolate ganache
              fresh pineapple and coconut syrup
              greek yoghurt & homemade fig jam
              caramelized apples

              1. Fried Chicken....

                Bananas and Pecans....

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                1. re: fourunder

                  +1 on the fried chicken

                  Ever tried maple sugar, or is it the maple flavor of syrup you don't like?

                2. So, you eat gluten-free waffles? I'll have to try that out---maybe tomorrow.

                  For a topping, I like peaches (from frozen in winter when fresh are hard, flavorless yellow orbs) simmered with a little bit of maple syrup or honey. I also think homemade cranberry sauce (with a dollop of yogurt) or apple butter (with a scoop of cottage cheese) would be good.

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                  1. re: ChristinaMason

                    I recently tried some frozen peaches to put in my yogurt, and I can't say I loved them. I thought that they were pretty flavorless too, but there were just fine when I mixed them with frozen blueberries and made a blueberry peach crumble pie!

                    1. re: roxlet

                      I got some good ones at Whole Foods recently. I'm sure they vary by brand.

                  2. Always some yogurt--plain or fruit, plus plenty of chopped fresh fruits, nuts, roasted grains--whatever's in the pantry that looks interesting.

                    Have also done savory toppings--whatever meat bits are leftover from Saturday's dinner, or bits of chicken tikka or leftover samosa fillings with some chutney.