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Jan 30, 2013 05:17 PM

Looking for bakeware recs

I'm in the process (re)building my bakeware stash. I've always gotten cheapo pans which works for a bit but gets warped and rusted after awhile. This time, I have a bit more to start with so I want to buy myself a collection of real, quality pans that can last more than a year or so.

I'm looking for round and square cake pans (6" and 8"), half and full sheet pans and cookie sheets. Would also love recs for casserole dishes, etc.

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  1. Search Amazon for "USA Pans". Made in America and awesome quality.

    1. I have purchased high quality sheet pans at a very reasonable price at restaurant supply stores. Costco also carries them from time to time.

      The "USA Pans" TJ mentions below are currently on sale at Williams Sonoma and regardless of whether or not you intend to purchase them, it might be worth stopping by the store to get a sense of the weight, quality etc.

      1. I updated my bake ware last year, for all the same reasons, and have been happy with my choices. I got a lot of the Kaiser La Forme Plus as my main bakeware in all kinds of sizes and I love it. You do have to had wash it and metal spatulas will scratch it, but I have adjusted to it and still love it a lot. I also got Vollrath heavy gauge (10 gauge) cookie sheets and am also really happy with those.

        1. I have been replacing bakeware and casserole dishes, gratins, etc. myself recently. I went with Emile Henry for my two gratins, lasagna dish and a pie dish. For my cookie sheets, jelly roll pans and so forth I have been purchasing Chicago Metallic (on Amazon or restaurant supply stores online). I like the Chicago Metallic pans because they aren't terribly expensive which is good for me because I basically abuse the heck out of my metal cookie sheets and the like. This way when they go to the trash I won't feel so bad!

          1. Fat Daddio's is a good brand. Well made in the USA of heavy aluminum. If you are afraid of aluminum or silicone, use a layer of parchment paper in the bottom. USA Pan is also a very good line of bakeware, silicone coated, heavy and even heating. Nordicware, besides their fancy molds has very good sheet pans of various sizes. La Forme is also very good.

            Avoid stainless steel like the plague. It is a very poor conductor of heat. That is why All Clad and other stainless producers add a sandwich of aluminum or copper between the layers of stainless steel.