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Jan 30, 2013 04:34 PM

Quick, Easy and good Between NO Airport and I 10?

Will be landing 2:30 pm have to drive to Lafayette ASAP to attend MG ball at 8:30pm. Need someplace to fuel up before we hit the I 10. So someplace that is not too much of a detour from car rental pickup and I 10 and won't take too long. Want authentic poboys or seafood. Have found Harbour Seafood that looks good. Anyplace else?

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  1. Williams Blvd. has lotsa good offerings, and given your criteria, Harbour is the choice.

    1. Another vote for Harbor Seafood

      1. Kenner Seafood on Loyola also fits the bill. My favorite airport pit stop these days is Pho Sunrise on Vets.

        1. Pier 51 on hwy 51 at the LaPlace exit is not far off I-10. I think they are alums of Kenner Seafood.