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Jan 30, 2013 04:07 PM

Butchery classes in & around Seattle.

I'm very eager to someday take a butchery class. I know Seabreeze and Farmstead Meatsmith offer classes on Vashon Island, and I think Dot's does too (?), giving hands-on instruction on breaking down a side of pork. Has anyone here ever taken one of those classes? I would LOVE any input, advice, etc.

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  1. I did one at The Swinery once. I don't know if they still offer them though, after one of their guys died last year (unrelated to butchering)

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      Oh, I didn't even think about those guys. The fellow at Farmstead Meatsmith seems to offer a pretty interesting 'product'. The Meat Collective (is that what it's called?) in Portland offers some attractive classes too. I'm definitely going to do one someday. Sorry to hear about the Swinery guy.

    2. The date on this has passed obviously, but perhaps they do these periodically?

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      1. re: OrigamiDuck

        Hey, thanks - I'll check into that for sure.