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Feb'13 Dish of the Month - Eggs Benedict

Please report back with your experiences. Snap a pic if you can and let us know what made your eggs benedict good, bad or downright evil.

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      1. re: Haricotsv2

        Is Bon Vie better than Victory 44's salmon and pastrami?

      2. Went to Bon Vie, had Eggs Benedict they were Eggs Benedict. Like all the other threads on Eggs Benedict Bon Vie is good.

        1. It would be great if posters to this thread actually described what they liked about the dish or made it distinctive, as opposed to just tossing off the name of the restaurant.

          I think the eggs benedict at Bon Vie are quite good but not so exceptional as to close out discussion. They're a traditional preparation, although I think they are a little too generous with the hollandaise.

          I really like the eggs benedict at Al's Breakfast. The hollandaise is particularly lemony, which is my preference. Also, you can order just one egg, which is good if you're trying to control your portion or want to create a combo breakfast with, say, some of their excellent pancakes.

          French Meadow does a nice benedict with a tomato-flavored hollandaise and charred ham. It comes with a salad tossed with a nice, sharp vinaigrette, or you can add their very good, crispy hash browns.

          Turtle Bread does a slight variant -- their benedict is on thick bread -- I think it's brioche, though I could be misremembering. Again, salad for a side or you can have potatoes (cubed), tossed with Parmesan cheese and seasonings.

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          1. re: Jordan

            What no pictures? A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes you described Eggs Benedict at Bon Vie to a TEE, That is what Eggs Benedict is supposed to be. Other ways are not Eggs Benedict.

            1. re: Jordan

              "It would be great if posters to this thread actually described what they liked about the dish or made it distinctive, as opposed to just tossing off the name of the restaurant"

              Thank you for this.

            2. I've always loved Eggs Benedict at Bon Vie. I've ordered them almost every time since they opened many years ago.

              Is it my imagination though that the Eggs Ben they've been serving the last 2-3 years is not the same as it was before that? It seems like the Hollandaise sauce isn't as lemony and it is lighter in color.

              I've also enjoyed the Cheeky Monkey as long as I tell them to toast the homemade muffin until crisp. It is a thicker muffin. The ham pieces are quite tasty and better than Bon Vie's ham. They never put enough Hollandaise sauce for me. But it's a very close second place with me.

              I just had the EB at Ward 6 on Sunday. It was bland and I probably wouldn't order it again. The muffin was untoasted. I should have asked for it toasted.

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              1. re: shoo bee doo

                Why on earth would you not toast the muffin? That's just wrong.

                1. re: gildeddawn

                  I've had the problem of untoasted / undertoasted muffins at both Longfellow Grill and the Uptowner. Strange.

                  I adore the EB at Blackbird; perfectly cooked eggs, and a fabulously rich hollandaise - they can be a bit skimpy sometimes, but are always happy to bring a bit more if asked.

                  1. re: SmartCookie

                    I have to remember to ask for extra crispy or crunchy whenever I get toast or any grilled sandwich. They are at least 80% of the time underdone or undercooked. It makes all the difference in the world to me.

                2. re: shoo bee doo

                  I just had the Cheeky Monkey EB again this morning and they were perfect. I asked for a not just crispy, but crunchy English muffin and they did it just right. I forgot to note in a previous post that they smoke their own ham also. They had more than enough Hollandaise sauce, so everything was perfect.

                  Even the "asked for crunchy" hash browns were perfect.

                  Pretty soon they will be number 1. But I'd like to try some of the recommended ones on this posting.

                3. The eggs benedict at both Hot Plate and the Grand Cafe are a pretty traditional, basic rendition, but they're both delicious. For something a little different, the crab cake benedict at the Uptown diner is awesome. And I'll probably be crucified for touting a buffet option, but I love the eggs benedict offered at the Jax Cafe Sunday breakfast buffet.

                  1. I enjoyed a pesto benedict at Pizza Luce' last weekend. The toasted muffin was not buttered but had a nice slather of artichoke spread. Slighty spicy Italian sausage patties replaced the ham and they were topped with perfectly poached eggs. The pesto hollandaise was a nice change from the traditional sauce. I opted for lightly dressed salad greens on the side to counteract the richness of the dish, though it's always hard to pass on hashbrowns.

                    1. I went on my little quest to find the most yummy eggs benedict in town a couple of years back, and the result was I gained a lot of lbs and found some nice places for eggs benny. :D

                      I actually reviewed all these places that I went to on yelp, so I'm just gonna copy my own review on here.

                      1. Fat Nat's Eggs in New Hope
                      - I ordered the eggs bacon avocado benedict. The incredible twist was the SPICY avocado verde that came with the dish. OMG .. that spicy green sauce was a total awesomeness. It was so full of flavor and spicy .. i mean SPICY, which made a basic ordinary eggs benedict extraordinary.

                      2. The Lowry Cafe in NoMi
                      - The heat hungry eggs benedict was very good. The eggs were cooked just right, and the seasoned hollandaise was a little tangy and very creamy. One complaint though .. the hash browns was a little on a soggy side, otherwise it was almost perfect.

                      3. Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley
                      - The wild mushroom eggs benny was quite good. The mushroom-sherry something sauce was pretty tasty but not quite enough for me on the plate. The potato that came with the eggs were full of flavor but pretty dry, hard and some already had really dark color .. like they were way way past the golden crunchy state.

                      4. Papa Cafe in Crystal
                      - I ordered the Papa's Benedict. It was HUGE. There were two perfectly poached eggs on top of a very thick piece of ham steak and two crispy English muffins with a side of thin-sliced American fries. The hollandaise sauce was also of very nice portion though the sauce could use a little bit more acid cos I like my sauce a little tangy.

                      5. Wilde Roast Cafe
                      - I opted for the salmon benedict with a side of field greens instead of potatoes. The plate came out looking pretty, but did it taste as pretty as it looked? Not really ..

                      Eggs were cooked for too long. If they were cooked a couple more minute , the eggs would have become hard-boiled. I didnt remember asking for the nearly hard-boiled eggs. The salmon was also over cooked, very bland and very dry. So with no runny yolks, the plate was kinda dry especially when the hollandaise sauce wasnt quite enough on the plate. I dont really understand why would you want to skimp on this kind of thing when this breakfast plate costs more than 14 bucks.

                      6. R.J. Riches Family Restaurant
                      - I think I have just had one of the best Eggs Benedict right here. The star was the hollandaise sauce. It was a little tangy just the way I like it. The best part though was that they didnt skimp on the hollandaise like other fancier breakfast places do. The portion was also huge and not expensive at all.

                      7. Hell's Kitchen
                      - . I ordered the bison benedict. The tangerine-jalapeno hollandaise was absolutely bland. The bison though was cooked medium rare was pretty chewy and bland. The hashbrown was soggy and again .. bland.

                      8. Square Peg Diner
                      - I ordered the eggs benedict. The eggs came out beautifully. The hollandaise was nice and tangy. I only wished they werent so skimpy with it cos I like my benedict with lots of hollandaise. I requested the crispy hash brown, and it came out very crispy though borderline burnt, which was no problem for me cos I hate mushy bland potato.

                      9. 3 Squares Restaurant
                      - I really liked the eggs benedict. It was good though not the best Ive ever had. The hash brown though was well seasoned. It was not a thick glob of mushy bland potato like some other places offer. The hash here was thinner, but it was also crispy with enough salt and pepper that it was probably the first time I didnt really need any ketchup to eat it.

                      10. Bon Vie Bistro
                      - Eggs benedict was really good. The star was, of course, the hollandaise sauce. It was tangy and tasted just right though a little bit too thick, but it was still really good though still not the best Ive had. I think it was kind of ridiculous though that this ten dollar breakfast plate didnt come with any side, so there goes its low affordability. I then ordered a side of half hash brown (3 dollar). It came out beautifully brown and crispy looking on the outside. However, it was incredibly tasteless inside. I hate hate hate mushy bland potato, and their hash brown was just that .. mushy and bland. Therefore, I hate hate hate their mushy bland hash brown.

                      11. Al's Breakfast
                      - I sat close to the stove so I could see that the hollandaise sauce was made to order, which i though was very nice. The eggs were poached to perfection. The thick ham was full of flavor. The English muffins were slightly brown on the outside and not at all soggy like some other places. The plate topped with a nice of freshly-made hollandaise. The hollandaise should have been a star but it was a little bit too acidic to my liking. It was really gooooooood overall but just not the best that Ive had.

                      12 & 13. Key's at the Foshay & Zumbro Cafe
                      - I didnt write reviews for these two places so I dont exactly remember how their eggs benny were. Ive attached the pics on here, so I hope the pics can tell more than a thousand words. :)

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                      1. re: moomon

                        Thanks for your excellent post and pictures! Love it!

                        1. re: moomon

                          Great post and reviews! I guess I liked Al's for exactly the reason that you were slightly turned off -- the higher acid/lemon content in the hollandaise.

                          Another two I'd add -- Uptown Cafeteria. They used to serve three eggs to an order, which was great for us, a family of three. However, it was recently reduced to two. They come with good potatoes (cube-style, not shredded). The benedict is good but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm a big fan of their cheesy peppery biscuits and yogurt parfait, as well.

                          Pittsburgh Blue offers a very good (but pricy) benedict on their weekend brunch menu. The brunch starts with an amuse of little cinnamon churros. I like that their brunch actually offers a range of lunch options as well as breakfast fare, so you can mix and match depending on your preference that day. Too many brunch places are purely breakfast-focused.

                        2. Had the EB at Be'wiched Deli this AM. More specifically, had the salmon EB. All-in-all it was ok. Unfortunately the eggs were really overcooked, to the point that the yolks had set, so I barely touched them. Fortunately, they were pretty generous with the salmon, the English muffins were well-toasted and the Hollandaise sauce was ok. A little more gentle treatment with the eggs and this could have been a good dish.

                          Though this back in January, I also had the EB at Ward 6 a few weeks ago. Really liked the harissa hollandaise - had a little bit of a kick to it and wasn't too rich (which I like, others may disagree). The eggs were well poached, but the English muffin (as someone else already point out) wasn't toasted. I still thought it was quite good though. Their hashbrowns were also very good.

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                          1. re: mull0263

                            I like the sound of harissa hollandaise. They have sriracha on the table at Uptown Cafeteria, and I've been known to add a few squirts to their benedict. Definitely livens it up a bit.

                            1. re: mull0263

                              I think I'm allowed to say this (as the owner of said restaurant): the muffin on the EB at Ward 6 should be toasted; it appears from the two comments here that there was some sort of glitch for a bit wherein it wasn't being toasted. But it certainly should be, and is, and has been every time I've checked.

                              1. re: mtullius

                                I'll definitely try again then. I will tell them to toast it very crisp - even crunchy.

                                1. re: mtullius

                                  One thing I noticed about the Ward 6 EB was the high quality of the eggs. They were a deep orange.

                                  1. re: shoo bee doo

                                    The orange color has to do with the feed the chickens eat. In some countries, they associate the orange with quality, so the chickens are fed things like red peppers that create that dye. It doesn't actually affect taste.

                                    Scrambled eggs made with orange yolks are kind of weird-looking, from an American perspective.

                                    1. re: Jordan

                                      Jordan, I don't agree with you.

                                      Having lived in Europe for 7 years, 4 of those years on in a small German farming community where the chicken ran around freely, I ate orange-yolked, intensely flavored eggs. I've never had eggs like those since that time.

                                      My present egg farmer has free roaming chickens that eat grass and fresh duckweed in his pond. During the winter uses sprouted grains and dried duckweed. The yolks are very orange, even during winter.

                                      I do think you do get more carotene and more nutrient density with the orange yolks of free roaming chickens.

                                      I've read about farmers feeding marigold and other things just to get the color. I can only say - know your farmer.

                                      I want to believe Ward 6 is sourcing very good eggs. The eggs tasted nice.


                                      1. re: shoo bee doo

                                        What are you disagreeing with? I didn't say anything about free-roaming chickens. I said that the orange color of yolks comes from choosing particular feed ingredients that affect the color. Color and flavor are not related. Psychologically, you may feel they are, because the color looks "richer", ergo it must somehow taste better.

                                        Here's an article from Chow that goes into some of the science on this: http://www.chow.com/food-news/55099/d...

                                  2. re: mtullius

                                    Wait. Hold up. Are you saying you own Ward 6?

                                    1. re: Seige

                                      Yes. Thus my lack of general commenting of late!

                                2. Hell's Kitchen last Sunday. Eggs cooked perfectly soft. Excellent thick slice of flavorful ham, toasted muffin, and tart hollandaise sauce. Served with crispy hashbrowns - nicely done.

                                      1. re: Jordan

                                        Meritage makes a perfect Hollandaise. Tangy and creamy and rich (but not too rich). They also sue large eggs and get the poaching right. And toast the muffin. Great stuff.

                                        Bon Vie is similar, and they do "twists" on the classic ingredients that are often fun and delicious.

                                      1. re: ibew292

                                        Had the EB at Day by Day last weekend; wanted to go to the Happy Gnome but they were closed for an employee party (drat!). Actually had the florentine, which was a nice change. Nothing standout; very basic.

                                            1. re: ibew292

                                              Thanks for the link, ibew292. It sounds like a wonderful buffet. Sadly, $75.00 for brunch for my little family of three will probably not be happening. :(

                                              1. re: justalex

                                                Anb there is a service charge. You can find other places that are just as good or better. Have a great day.....

                                            2. re: justalex

                                              Do you have to be a member or can you just walk in?

                                              1. re: shoo bee doo

                                                The website says that the Woman's Club Brunch is open to the public. I think you need reservations because the last time I was there they were turning members away. Also at least for members the wine and Champagne is complementary.

                                              2. re: justalex

                                                Across the street from Loring Park - Once saw Patricia Barber in the theater there ...

                                            3. T&T Galley SSP great EB for such a place. A little to much lemon.

                                              1. It's called dish of the MONTH, so keep the reviews coming!

                                                Nominations for next month's DOTM will open the evening of 2/24, but until then keep ordering those eggs bene's...

                                                1. I had the Bayou Benedict this morning at Dixies on Grand. I have mixed feelings about it. Here's the description:

                                                  A poached egg, melted pepper jack cheese, andouille sausage and orange marmalade set on a homemade Buttermilk biscuit and topped with Tabasco hollandaise served with a side of cheddar grits.

                                                  You only get one for $10. The price is a little steep compared to other places where you usually get two. The odd thing about the dish was the sweetness that came from the marmalade. I didn't like it. The biscuit was crunchy and good. The andouille was tasty, but didn't stay with the biscuit. It was hard to cut through and kept sliding away. A patty would have been better.

                                                  I would order it again though without the marmalade. The cheesy grits were wonderful as was the make your own bloody mary. Many condiments for the drink. It was nice to have crunchy celery after a spicy drink and meal.

                                                  1. A new favorite coming in very close to Bon Vie and Cheeky Monkey. I had them at Citizen Cafe today. Absolutely wonderful!