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Jan 30, 2013 04:02 PM

Feb'13 Dish of the Month - Eggs Benedict

Please report back with your experiences. Snap a pic if you can and let us know what made your eggs benedict good, bad or downright evil.

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      1. re: Haricotsv2

        Is Bon Vie better than Victory 44's salmon and pastrami?

      2. Went to Bon Vie, had Eggs Benedict they were Eggs Benedict. Like all the other threads on Eggs Benedict Bon Vie is good.

        1. It would be great if posters to this thread actually described what they liked about the dish or made it distinctive, as opposed to just tossing off the name of the restaurant.

          I think the eggs benedict at Bon Vie are quite good but not so exceptional as to close out discussion. They're a traditional preparation, although I think they are a little too generous with the hollandaise.

          I really like the eggs benedict at Al's Breakfast. The hollandaise is particularly lemony, which is my preference. Also, you can order just one egg, which is good if you're trying to control your portion or want to create a combo breakfast with, say, some of their excellent pancakes.

          French Meadow does a nice benedict with a tomato-flavored hollandaise and charred ham. It comes with a salad tossed with a nice, sharp vinaigrette, or you can add their very good, crispy hash browns.

          Turtle Bread does a slight variant -- their benedict is on thick bread -- I think it's brioche, though I could be misremembering. Again, salad for a side or you can have potatoes (cubed), tossed with Parmesan cheese and seasonings.

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          1. re: Jordan

            What no pictures? A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes you described Eggs Benedict at Bon Vie to a TEE, That is what Eggs Benedict is supposed to be. Other ways are not Eggs Benedict.

            1. re: Jordan

              "It would be great if posters to this thread actually described what they liked about the dish or made it distinctive, as opposed to just tossing off the name of the restaurant"

              Thank you for this.

            2. I've always loved Eggs Benedict at Bon Vie. I've ordered them almost every time since they opened many years ago.

              Is it my imagination though that the Eggs Ben they've been serving the last 2-3 years is not the same as it was before that? It seems like the Hollandaise sauce isn't as lemony and it is lighter in color.

              I've also enjoyed the Cheeky Monkey as long as I tell them to toast the homemade muffin until crisp. It is a thicker muffin. The ham pieces are quite tasty and better than Bon Vie's ham. They never put enough Hollandaise sauce for me. But it's a very close second place with me.

              I just had the EB at Ward 6 on Sunday. It was bland and I probably wouldn't order it again. The muffin was untoasted. I should have asked for it toasted.

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              1. re: shoo bee doo

                Why on earth would you not toast the muffin? That's just wrong.

                1. re: gildeddawn

                  I've had the problem of untoasted / undertoasted muffins at both Longfellow Grill and the Uptowner. Strange.

                  I adore the EB at Blackbird; perfectly cooked eggs, and a fabulously rich hollandaise - they can be a bit skimpy sometimes, but are always happy to bring a bit more if asked.

                  1. re: SmartCookie

                    I have to remember to ask for extra crispy or crunchy whenever I get toast or any grilled sandwich. They are at least 80% of the time underdone or undercooked. It makes all the difference in the world to me.

                2. re: shoo bee doo

                  I just had the Cheeky Monkey EB again this morning and they were perfect. I asked for a not just crispy, but crunchy English muffin and they did it just right. I forgot to note in a previous post that they smoke their own ham also. They had more than enough Hollandaise sauce, so everything was perfect.

                  Even the "asked for crunchy" hash browns were perfect.

                  Pretty soon they will be number 1. But I'd like to try some of the recommended ones on this posting.

                3. The eggs benedict at both Hot Plate and the Grand Cafe are a pretty traditional, basic rendition, but they're both delicious. For something a little different, the crab cake benedict at the Uptown diner is awesome. And I'll probably be crucified for touting a buffet option, but I love the eggs benedict offered at the Jax Cafe Sunday breakfast buffet.