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Jan 30, 2013 03:48 PM

One high-end meal: Madrid

We've been tweaking our plans like crazy and now think we'll be spending 5-6 nights in Madrid. While we're mostly interested in local, inexpensive eating (tapas crawls through out-of-the-way neighborhoods, markets, etc...) we would probably like to try one higher end place. If you could choose one, which would it be? And why?

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  1. I'll kick this off with La Terraza del Casino.
    This is the closest approximation one can get now to the closed 'El Bulli' - it serves an approximation of El Bulli's greatest hits.
    I don't think you've tried the 'modernist cuisine' that has developed in Spain (don't see any posts from Spain), so this may be your only opportunity to dabble in that field. You may hate it - but unless you try it you'll never know.
    And La Terrazza also has the best wine list I found in Madrid. Which was great (for me) as my hotel was only 2 doors away!

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      We will be new to Spain, but if you've looked at my past reports you know that we are VERY enthusiastic tasters! Those recommendations are intriguing, for sure. The menu link doesn't seem to be working on La Terraza del Casino. Do you know what the cost of a tasting menu plus wine is currently? We had a very memorable meal at La Degustation in Prague that was of the many course variety and would be open to another experience but with Spanish flavors, but at a certain price point we have to bow out.

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        If you cannot manage the price point of Terraza, I give a strong recommendation to LUA; they offer two set menus at dinner, with the least expensive at 49e. and the other at 78e.

        Two of us had a smashingly good meal here a few months ago. I did not report here on my dinner, but this 2012 detailed review prompted me to give it a try:

    2. We loved our meal at Club Allard - very special evening.

      Loved the food in Madrid. There are some really great restaurants.