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Jan 30, 2013 03:45 PM

ISO Great Indian

Moved to the South End from Los Angeles a couple of years ago, and one of the things I haven't yet found is Indian to replace my favorites in LA. Looked around the board, and it seemed like many of the inquiries on this topic were a bit dated, so figured it was worth re-asking. What are the favorites in and around town?

And on a slightly related topic, are there any grocery stores around that sell imported Indian mangos?

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  1. I've enjoyed Biryani Park out in Malden (they also do Sri Lankan). They will have a food truck in Boston soon. Other favorites: Kabab Factory in Inman Sq., Punjabi Dhaba in Inman (very casual), Pongol in Billerica, the Mughals in Burlington, and Maharaja in Harvard Sq. Sadly, I have yet to find any terrific Indian food in Boston proper.

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      I have liked The Pongal a lot but haven't been in several years because I no longer eat out that often. The Mughals opened less than a year ago. I found it okay, nothing special on two visits there. In contrast, I had a spectacular buffet dinner at the vegetarian Ritu Ki Rasoi, across the street from Mughals, which does a different regional cuisine every Wednesday evening. I am not a vegetarian but did not miss the meat in their buffet.

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        +1 to Biryani Park. Not your standard Punjabi place.

      2. The mangos are at the excellent Indian stores (Waltham India Grocery and Patel Bros.) in Waltham

        1. Haven't been to Tamarind Bay in Harvard Sq in a couple of years but have had some very good meals there.

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            Ate at Tamarind Bay Brookline last weekend and it was terrific. Very good Indian inspired mojito as well, with cilantro and cucumber.

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              i just ate at Tamarind Bay in Harvard Square; I ordered an all vegeterian meal. It was excellent; i still think that this is the Indian place in Boston.

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                We really enjoyed a lunch at Tamarind Bay a few weeks ago and thought it was a terrific value too. Something like $10 for a buffet in a wonderfully cozy space (it was the day of our most recent blizzard).

              2. Darbar in Brighton is a favorite of ours. In fact going there for Halloween, for an unusual item of Magaz Masala, has become a tradition: ;)

                1. I live in the South End and often get India Quality (located in Kenmore Sq) delivered. It's consistently excellent.

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                    Tried this place on Friday and was really impressed. Great eggplant bharta, and everything else we ordered was excellent as well. Thanks for the recommendation.