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Jan 30, 2013 03:18 PM

Boston List of Speciality Seasonal Food Products and Calendar Events


I am always struggling to recall when it is time for Indian Alphonso Mangoes, Vacherin cheese, Maine shrimp, Nantucket scallops, various food festivals (I know some threads exist for that) and other local and international events and products. So I wanted to get your input. Maybe if it works well I will make a Google Cal.

Some things top of my head:

Indian Alphonso Mangoes - late Mar
Vacherin Mont D'Or - Nov - Jan
Maine shrimp - Late Jan early Feb
Maine blueberries - mid late Aug
Chinese New Year Dinners - varies 2nd week Feb for 2013

Thanks all.

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  1. Greek, Armenian, Italian, Brazilian, other ethnic festival dates? I don't know the dates, but would love to see them listed.

    local asparagus, tomatoes, corn? berries?

    could chowhound sponsor a local calendar? not just local products, but as you say, when we can expect special mangoes?

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    1. re: Madrid

      I'd like more focus on seasonal foods but perhaps another calendar for festivals would be nice. There are a ton of threads for sure. I only mentioned Chinese New Years because only certain restaurants do it when they want to and it's un-official.

      The local produce schedule during the summer is something most people can glean from a local farm. I guess my reasoning is that Wild Maine Blueberries are rather exceptional and localized. Something else along those lines is mushroom hunting season and where.

      1. re: tatsu

        I think separating the food festivals and specialties makes sense. The former generally follows a trend year-to-year based on religious and national holidays so past years threads can be of some help, but someone is always finding something new. I contributed to the 2012 thread which is linked below:

    2. Hatch Green Chiles - late August, early September

      1. This is a great idea, would love to see a calendar.

        1. nantucket scallops november through march varies
          sable fish; spring sometime, i have been told
          soft shell crabs: May through July
          peas: June

          1. shad roe, spring (April? varies a bit)