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Best brand of frozen fish to make homemade filet-o-fish?

I am looking for a large square frozen breaded fish patties to make filet-o-fish sandwiches at home. The closest I can find is Van De Kamp's, http://www.vandekamps.com/crunchy-fis... but they are a little too small and have too much breading.

I know I can make my own, and I'm just not interested in going that route.

Any brands I should be looking out for?

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  1. Both Gorton's & Mrs. Paul's make good-quality breaded fish filets, although they're not "square".

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      Yeah, I'm looking for bun size patties.

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        Well, the pieces are small, & definitely fit easiily on a bun (I've made fish sandwiches out of them), but they're just not "square", they're triangular. These days consumers simply don't much care for "square" pieces of fish, as it looks fake.

    2. For Van De Kamp's I think you would be better off using this:

      Check out page 18 from the McMenu - Do It Yourself McDonald's Restaurant Recipes:

      It recommends Van De Kamp or Mrs. Paul's as long as you don't use the extra crispy versions.

      It has a recipe for the tartar sauce as well.

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        Wow, that McMenu link is quite fascinating!

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          Wow, never saw those sandwich squares before. Will have to look closer, thanks.

        2. If you have a food wholesaler near you that will sell to the public, ask for 4x4 breaded fish portions, they will all be the same size and thickness. Frying them would be best but you can do 'em in the oven too.

          1. I have been buying Icelandic brand breaded frozen fish portions for years, they are lightly breaded and square. The fish is pollock. They are larger the average hamburger bun. I buy them a local seafood/fish market.

            1. I bought some at Costco a few months ago. I don't remember the brand name, but they worked very well for the sandwiches I made, and tasted great.

              1. The Van De Kamp's sandwich patties worked great. We chanced upon them on sale for $3/box at Stop and Shop and grabbed a couple boxes. I'd probably hesitate to pay the full $6/box price for them, but there is a sale on one brand or another of frozen fish at least every couple weeks.

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                  Glad you liked them. I tried the spicy sandwich fillets last week and they were great.

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                    Gonna have to try those too. I'm thinking thin-sliced monterey jack, tartar sauce made with chopped pickled jalapenos instead of relish, and some romaine lettuce for texture.

                    Thanks for the tip, BTW.

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                      That sounds good. Up it to a good Pepper Jack and you might be on to something.