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Jan 30, 2013 02:58 PM

Is this pressure cooker broken? (Video link of steam escaping) . . .

I don't think the steam is supposed to escape from the button.

This video is after 5 minutes on High (gas stove). The rod did not rise.


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  1. .My 1st thought would be that the gasket is worn, or seated incorrectly

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    1. re: letsindulge

      It's a brand new Fagor Duo.

      If you mean the big gasket, the one that goes around the lid, it looks like it's in fine shape.


    2. I have a nearly identical Fagor PC and have seen this same phenomenon. In my case, it usually happens when I do not have the gasket inserted properly. When this happens, I remove the gasket, coat with a tiny bit of vegetable oil, replace it carefully and everything seems to be fine.

      However, it has also happened when there was some bit of gunk causing the air vent/cover lock to stick (apparently my *dishwasher* did not thoroughly rinse the lid and mechanisms after the prior use, allowing some gunk to accumulate). The rod (as shown in your video) did not move in this second instance and lots of steam escaped, which I assume is some kind of safety feature. Again, however, I was able to resolve the problem by removing the lid, cleaning it carefully, and proceeding.

      In regard to your situation, is this a new PC? If it is not new, how old is the gasket? It is possible that you need to replace the gasket. I hope this is helpful to you.

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      1. re: kbjesq

        It's a new Fagor Duo. It's my second attempt to use it.

        I will oil the gasket and retry.


      2. Lid isn't on properly. The gasket isn't sealed and is letting steam escape. I have this problem from time to time. Safely get the lid off and check the gasket. Reseal and resume. Don't get burned. Be careful.

        1. Did you engage the yellow thing (safety lock)? Looks like you have to push it forward to lock it.

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          1. re: unprofessional_chef

            it is forward & engaged.

            I'm about to retry after oiling the gasket.

            1. re: unprofessional_chef

              I also have the Fagor duo but it is several years old. Please try to reset the gasket as suggested (taking special care, and using just a tiny, tiny amount of oil for lubrication) and also be sure that the safety lock is pushed forward. The comment from "unprofessionalchef" reminded me that yes, I have on several occasions forgotten to move the safety lock forward and have had the "escaping steam" problem! Pressure cooking should be easy but for me, sometimes getting the lid affixed properly is a challenge! LOL

            2. Is that your video? This is not right. The steam is not supposed to come out from that button. Excessive steam should come out from the turn knob -- either around the knob or the blow hole or both.

              To me, looking at lid closer, your video suggests that the gasket is not making the correct seal with the rim of the pot. So either the gasket is bad or that you simply didn't turn and lock it correct. I will try to rotate the silicone gasket.

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              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                THANK YOU EVERYONE! I got it working!

                I did 2 things so I'm not positive which one (or both maybe) solved it:

                1) I think the main problem was the yellow rod was stuck and not moving freely up & down. Once I jiggled it up & down a few times from the underside, then it achieved pressure.

                I lowered the gas burner to the lowest setting and this is the amount of steam that's coming out:


                I presume that means I'm at 15 PSI ??

                I'm going to try moving to the small burner on low and see if I can get any less steam to come out (just for fun).

                2) I applied some olive oil to the big gasket.

                YEAH! I'm ready to try and cook something!

                Thanks again!


                1. re: mike2401

                  <I lowered the gas burner to the lowest setting and this is the amount of steam that's coming out>

                  Yeah, you are on the +15 psi setting. The moment you see steam coming out that means you have hit +15 psi. The other one is the +10 psi setting.

                  Have fun and enjoy. No need to show off your phone -- especially when I have a dumb phone. :)

                  So why did you get a Fagor (or two)? I thought you want a Kuhn Rikon

                  P.S.: If you want to speed up release pressure, then you can turn the knob all the way to the left to release pressure and also push don the yellow rod.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    I totally wanted the Kuhn Rikon but my foodie friend who is big into Cooks Illustrated showed me the CI reviews and the Fagor scored much better (2nd place in fact).

                    I really liked the idea of having a small one and a big one, all for $150, seemed like a great deal.

                    However, after wrestling with the Fagor to yesterday and today, and now only finally getting the hang of it, I think the Fagor is very finicky, especially when it comes to the yellow rod floating up under pressure. Sometimes, it simply doesn't, and I've had to jiggle it. Sometimes, it seems like it doesn't float straight up , allowing pressure to escape until you tap it a few time and get it to re-seat itself.

                    If I purchased it at a physical store, I'd probably return it.

                    However, it came in a giant box, it's not really defective, so I'd have to pay $25 shipping and maybe a restocking fee.

                    1. re: mike2401

                      < I think the Fagor is very finicky, especially when it comes to the yellow rod floating up under pressure. >

                      I have never had Kuhn Rikon, but I heard they are good. I agree with you that I often have to keep an eye out for my Fagor because once a while the yellow stick may not rise. I, on the other hand, look at it the other way. For how little I pay, I am quite glad that it work well. A Kuhn Rikon is $200-300. I suppose if I use a pressure cooker very often I will like a better one, but I mostly use it for making stock, and I do this less frequent than once a month. I do use it for other things, but those are used without the high pressure aspect.

                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                        Maybe I'm just in the honeymoon period but I expect to use it as the primary method of cooking.

                        I'm on the Paleo diet and make most of my food from scratch, so lately, I've been doing lots of cooking.

                        This is the beast I replaced:

                        it is 100% reliable, I've never had to replace a gasket (ever, in like 10 years).

                        The only problems are it sounds like a freight train and loses lots of steam in the process.

                        I guess everything has it's pro's & cons.


                  2. re: mike2401

                    Sometimes the yellow rod does not rise on my Fagor even though the contents are clearly boiling. I need take the lid off, jiggle the rod (see the little button with gasket on the underside), and reseat the lid. With the contents boiling the rod should rise right away.

                    The rod indicates that the lid is locked, and pressure is starting to build.

                    1. re: paulj

                      I was able to tap the yellow thing from the top side, while still on, and get it to jump up to attention.

                      I used the end of the trivit that came with the steamer, but you could you anything (I bet a pen would work)


                  3. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    Yes, the videos are mine (shot with my galaxy S3 android powered super-phone! :-)