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Best Lisbon restuarants

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Will be in LIsbon for 3 days in February.
What are suggestions for the best restaurants, Fado music, and where to drink the best Ginjinha.

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  1. Plenty of info about restaurants in Lisbon and Fado on this forum; Put a search in the box at the top right of the page.
    Ginjinha: Any of the cafés around Rossio or Chiado.

      1. Here are a few options (listed alphabetically). Sadly, one of my favorites (Bocca) closed . . .

        Alma (modern Portuguese food)
        Calçada Marquès de Abrantes, 92
        1200-720 Santos - Lisboa
        +351 213 963 527

        Rua do Vale Pereiro, 19
        1250-270 Lisboa
        +351 213 867 696

        Chafariz do Vinho (great wine bar/restaurant)
        Chafariz da Mãe d'Água
        Rua da Mãe d'Água à Praça de Alegria
        1250-000 Lisboa
        +351 213 422 079

        Restaurante Nariz de Vinho Tinto (traditional Portuguese food; excellent wine list)
        Rua do Conde, 75
        1200-636 Lisboa-Lapa
        +351 213 953 035

        1. Ginjinhas are nice but I prefer the Eduardino sold at a little door in Rua das Portas de Santo Antao. Like the ginjinha, you buy a shot and drink it right on the spot. The Eduradinho is sweet, not so bitter, with a flavor of aniseed.

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