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Jan 30, 2013 01:16 PM

Pink Pearl

Has anyone tried the re-opened Pink Pearl for dim sum? We had heard that the restaurant was now run by the former owners of the Fortune at the Oakridge Center. We tried the new restaurant six months ago just after it opened again and were disappointed. But perhaps others have had better luck recently.

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  1. I recall Fmed had gone there and reviewed them, but his article is currently not N/A while his site is being maintained:

    I see 5 blog reviews of PP since their re-launch, perhaps these will help you:

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    1. Four of us went last week for dim sum lunch.....large portions but lacking quality.....won't be going back....

      1. One of the Pink Pearl notes on urbanspoon reminded me that the passing of Spicy Court was a dim sum tragedy. Does anyone know if the management of Spicy Court has re-established itself elsewhere?