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Jan 30, 2013 12:58 PM

Cuban/Chinese in Tampa

In the 90s, my dad took me to a place that was a combination of these two cuisines as a fusion of the Chinese who ended up in Cuba. It was definitely a hole in the wall and not a high end place by any means.

Anyone know of the place I'm talking about? Is it still open? Is there anywhere else like that?


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  1. Arco Iris. They have the regular Cuban dishes along with Chinese fried rice. And they are the only one that I know of like that.

    1. There's also 'Chifa'... A Chinese Peruvian cuisine...
      The Chaufa Rice looks killer... I keep saying I want to try this place even though reviews say that they're disorganized...

      Here's a photo of the place on Armenia Avenue called Chifa-Gino..

      1. I think there is/or was a place called Chino Cubano on Bush Blvd. near Bush Gardens on the right hand side of the road going east. Little hole in the wall, don't know if it still there.

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          Yes it is China Latina on Busch. Like a fast food Chinese place with tostones and maduros and such. The menu there has more fusion choices--- Arco Iris just does a couple kinds of fried rice, but it is a mainstay.

          1. re: andy huse

            It's not Cuban, it's Puerto Rican I believe.