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Jan 30, 2013 12:52 PM

Late night bites in Waikiki (flight arrives at 9:30pm!)

Hello everyone! We will be arriving in Honolulu very late at night, and need to pick up our rental car before making our way to our hotel. We will be staying at the Aqua Waikiki Wave in Waikiki. With 3 hungry kids in tow, we will need grab a quick bite after our long flight!! Do you have any suggestions for places near our hotel? I've heard that most places close early on the island. Are there any places open until 11pm at all? Even a McDonald's, Starbucks, or other chain would suffice :) Mahalo!

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  1. A fairly recent discussion of late night places here:

    It is good that you have a rental car because then you can grab a quick bite on the way to your hotel from the airport, rather than trying to rely on a cab or bus after you check in. If you try to eat after you check in, it might be 11pm already... I'd eat as soon as you can after you land.

    Your hotel is right in the middle of in the main tourist area of Waikiki, but you will likely end up going to another neighborhood for good late night eats.

    1. kathryn gave some good advice. for a tourist location Waikiki closes down early except for the bars. Because of time zones Hawaii, including our tourists tend to be early to bed, early to rise.

      If all else fails Mac 24/7 in the Hilton Waikiki Beach toward the east (Diamond Head) end of Kuhio Ave - not in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It's not my favorite place, it's not cheap, but about the only place in Waikiki to get a variety of food in the wee hours. The other best option is Wailana Coffee Shop. I recommend sticking to breakfast type foods, pancakes, eggs, etc. Wailana is toward the west (Ewa) end of Waikiki on Ala Moana Blvd. Note that the Waikiki IHOP closes at 10pm, not 24 hours as many mainland locations.

      The thread kathryn noted is well worth reading.

      1. are you coming in on a weekday or a weekend? that makes a difference because restaurants open later on weekends, so you would have more options available to you then.

          1. Thanks all!! We will be arriving on a weeknight. Kathryn - I will check out that thread.. thank you. I was also thinking that I'd stop up on snacks from home to put in our luggage so that we'd have at least some stuff on hand once we land. What time do grocery stores close in Honolulu or Waikiki? Any 24-hr grocery stores by any chance?

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                And it is so close to our hotel! Thank you so much Kathryn -- this will be a must stop for us once we get into Waikiki on our first night!!

              2. re: f00die

                Safeway is gonna be better price wise (you won't necessarily believe that at the time, food's expensive here.) There are two entrances to Safeway, one at either end of the store facing the parking lot. Late night one or the other will be open, so don't panic if you walk up to the entrance and find shopping carts turned up blocking the doors, the other entrance will be open.

                A few blocks up Kapahulu, and a block or so west is a 24 hour Foodland. A local supermarket chain, it is also open 24 hours (Market City Foodland). In general Safeways and Foodland's here are open 24 hours.

                In Waikiki itself is a Food Pantry on Kuhio between Walina and Kanekapolei, parking behind store, 30 minutes free if you buy something. They are open till 1am, but the prices there on most items will really scare you. Food Pantry (2 locations) is the only true grocery store in Waikiki, although there are some small mom & pop stores here and there, they generally close by 10 or so, more convenience marts than grocers.

                1. re: KaimukiMan

                  Thanks for the tips on other grocery stores in the area! Chowhounders are the best :)

                2. re: f00die

                  Since you arrive on a weekday, I would say get a meal before you head to your hotel. On Kapahulu Ave., you could go to Side Street Inn or Izakaya Nonbei which are open till midnight or even pick up something from Zippy's or the Safeway which are both open 24 hours. Just so you know, there is a Mcdonald's open 24 hours about a block away from your hotel on Kuhio Avenue.

                  1. re: killersmile

                    Thanks! Just curious -- do the McDonald's in Hawaii serve anything uniquely Hawaiian on their menu that isn't available on the mainland? I love visiting McD's around the world... so many cool choices that can make an otherwise boring meal quite interesting!!

                    1. re: f00die

                      Instead of apple pie, you may see taro pie, pineapple pie, or haupia (coconut pudding) pie. As well as saimin (Hawaiian ramen). For breakfast, portugese sausage, and spam, with eggs and rice.


                      Also, Starbucks in Hawaii offer mocha coconut frappucinos.

                      1. re: kathryn

                        Actually it's in addition to apple, yes Hawaii McD's still serve the deep fried apple pies, I know many areas in the U.S. mainland do not. The saimin kathryn mentioned was McD's first ever departure from their standard menu items.

                        1. re: KaimukiMan

                          You know, it seems like waaay, waaay back in the day (mid '70s, maybe?), I remember the Hilo McDonald's serving rice and Portuguese sausage for breakfast. Did saimin came on board about the same time?

                          1. re: spoonlicker

                            saimin was introduced in the very late 60's, and within a couple of years they started serving rice and Portuguese sausage for breakfast. Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice is still one of McDonald's of Hawaii's best selling items.

                            1. re: KaimukiMan

                              is Portuguese sausage similar to Spanish dry cured sausage, or more like a moister softer salami?

                                1. re: f00die

                                  similar to chorizo, maybe a little moister, but i've seen a lot of variation in what people call chorizo.