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Jan 30, 2013 12:49 PM

Suggestions for Super Bowl viewing this Sunday?

Have you heard of any restaurants taking reservations or having special menus for Super Bowl? A group of friends would like to park some where to eat, drink and watch. Where are good places for that? Downtown is preferred. Thanks.

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  1. It's not downtown, but Twin Peaks has a $60 "preferred seating", AYCE menu of some sort, and that includes $25 worth of drinks and merchandise. So I guess that's $35 for food and seating, plus tips - doesn't sound like much of a deal.

    I just happened to be looking at their site and thought I'd mention it. I have never been there.

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    1. I've never understood the Super Bowl gatherings at someone's home or at a bar/restaurant. I'm a fairly serious football fan and if I really care about the game I don't want anyone around who is not of like mind. All they do is disrupt and distract.

      If you are not really into the game or are really only interested in commercials, then go ahead and have a loud party. If you don't really care about the game, not sure why you would pay above the normal rate for a night out.

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        1. Justine's advertises: LE SUPER BOWLÉ: football Justine's-style!

          BURGER WITH GRUYERE AND AIOLI, & voila, mes amies....

          See you SUNDAY, you little brawlers...... xoxoxoxoxo