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Jan 30, 2013 12:45 PM

Sybarite Pig boca raton

Stopped here last night for a couple of sandwiches and were very pleased.i had porchetta di testa on a wonderful brioche roll and a side of pickled yellow beets with greek yogurt...the sandwich was perfect and we were told by the owner/chef that everything was made in house,except ,maybe,the yogurt. My wife had the Korean style short ribs,which was not a sandwich and i imagine that next time she'll order a brioche roll instead of trying (succesfully ) in taking a small part of mine. Her side was the duck fat potato salad which was also fine. Since neither of us are beer drinkers i had the Angry Orchard hard cider and she had a glass of very nice red wine. Beer is the main draw here and it looked as if there were good number to choose from. The location on the north east corner of Glades and 441 is not ideal and the place though small is nicely and tastefully furnished. We really hope that the Pig can prosper and that enough appreciative ,engaged supporters will be attracted to this deserving undertaking.
By the way i believe i first heard about this new venture on Chowhound but could not find it through the search engine. Their web site has the full menu and beer list.

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  1. Great suggestion...thanks for making it. I went last week while I was in Fort Lauderdale and was very glad to have made the drive. Wish I could have made it back.

    I, too, had the short ribs, which were just lovely, stem to stern. I also had the chocolate/bacon cookie they had, which was plenty good, too. Service from Steven was great, and you can tell they care about the fare, both food and drink. They really know their stuff.

    I wish I could have made it back for the pork belly sandwich. If I get back to Fort Lauderdale soon, I'll revisit. In the meantime, the locals should be eating this place up. Great food, great beer (if you like beer), and a terrific vibe.

    My kind of place.

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      Echoing the positive comments about the Sybarite Pig. Four of us had an early Sunday dinner here and were very pleased.

      Attentive and caring service from Owner Dan began with detailed explanation of the myriad beer, cider, and even mead selection. I am haplessly inept when it comes to beer, but was blown away by the roasted coffee and almond richness of the Evil Twin Biscotti Break porter.

      We began with a shared main, as appetizer, of Pork Belly, with Pickled Fennel and Plum relish. Excellent!

      Laurels for best of the night should probably go to the Kalbi, long-marinated grilled Korean short ribs...cut flanken style.

      Two of us enthused over the tri-tip Cheddar burger, while one among us sampled the Lamb burger, which I did not taste.

      Side dishes were memorable: Piquant kimchee, parsnips pureed to silky consistency with creme fraiche, macaroni and cheese which one diner declined to share, among others.

      Desserts were a tie between the bacon chocolate cookie (my favorite) and the brownie infused with ancho chili, cinammon, and salted caramel.

      Interesting, experimental, convivial to the local food scene....delicious and certainly worth checking out.

      Dinner for four, with drinks, $100.15 before tip.

      1. re: erica

        I should add that portions here are not large. A diner with a large appetite might not be sated with one burger, even with an included side dish....burger sizes look to be between "slider" size and mammoth sports-bar-type burger size. So come prepared to branch out and sample lots of menu choices.

        Vegetables dishes (they were out of Padron peppers and pea puree, but usually have these) come from the estimable Swank Farms, which appear to be the benchmark in these parts for first-rate vegetables and greens.

        Meant to say, aboe, that Sybarite Pig is a convivial addition to the local food scene....lots of free parking in the shopping center lot...NE corner Glades Road and Rte 441/SR7. Easy to spot from Rte 441.

    2. Went here Wednesday with a fellow CHer.

      Had a great time talking with the owner Dan, he's a cool guy, and clearly passionate about both food and craft beer. We sat at the counter so we were able to chat throughout the meal,

      I had the pork belly and the Kim Chi side, the rest of the party had Korean Ribs, which I thought were terrific, and Lamb Sausage, also seemed excellent, plus sides.*

      Sounds like they are still ramping up in terms of kitchen equipment to let them do more interesting things. They definitely get an A for inventiveness and originality already.

      It was quiet when I got there at 7 but a decent crowd by the time we left around 9.

      If you like what the Rebel House folks are doing, you'll want to try this place. That said, it's a totally different overall dining experience.

      I will go back, I'd like to try much of the menu.

      * Unfortunately I have to hedge my comments a bit on the taste of the food.

      Seems I've developed the dreaded "Pine Nut Bitter Mouth" syndrome after making pesto Monday, and so my taste buds are off and not reliable, possibly for the next 1 to 2 weeks. (Yes it is real, as I am finding out).

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        I thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the bar and talking to Dan…and especially trying 3 craft beers that were new to me, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Thomas Creek Chocolate Orange IPA, and Blue Point’s Old Howling Bastard Barley-Wine Style Strong Ale (Yum!). Dan’s enthusiasm is obvious and his advice to start out with a lighter brew and work my way up to the Strong Ale was spot on.

        I was the lucky one that ordered the Korean Style Short Ribs...of the dishes we sampled they ended up being my favorite. They were cooked to tender perfection and I honestly thought they had been finished on the grill but Dan assured me he didn't have one…not yet! I also enjoyed the side order of duck fat potato salad; it was the perfect complement to the meaty ribs.

        The “Dorris Sausage” that my wife ordered was a very flavorful house-made Italian sausage with perfect texture and a good snap when you bit into it. She also really enjoyed her silky textured Parsnip Au Gratin topped with a crispy cheese crust.

        I did get to sample the Pork Belly and the Kimchi as well and I thought the belly could have used a little more cooking time but had good flavor and I absolutely loved the Kimchi! I think I said something like “I could eat that stuff by the gallon!”

        The place still has a new feel to it and the service may have felt a little too casual to some Boca diners but I came away feeling like I had met two new friends. The owner Dan and his wife were very hospitable and I wish them well in their venture. It’s not hard to imagine this place being packed with food lovers as word gets out!

      2. Sounds really good guys, thanks for posting the reviews. I'm looking forward to trying it soon.

        1. We also tried the Sybarite Pig in Boca. I LOVE craft beer so I was in heaven when I walked through the front door.

          They had eight drafts on tap that were all fairly rare to find. In addition, they had probably about 40 bottles to choose from. If you want Bud, Miller, Corona, etc. you'll need to go elsewhere. They also had a small wine selection.

          The food was amazing. We had the Korean short ribs, a tri-tip duck fat burger with bacon, cheddar and a fried egg on top, and the hellswine sausage. All three were delicious. I believe they make all sausages on the premises. The sides were bowtie mac and cheese, butternut squash puree and a very fresh salad with light dressing.

          The service was very good and it seemed like a very nice place to "hang" with friends. It did get a little smoky in the restaurant but the staff explained that they are getting a new extraction hood in the next few weeks.

          1. I just had an amazing meal at Sybarite Pig. We shared a meat board with duck, lamb, and hellswine sausage. All of the sausages and their accompanying sauces were great, but our favorite was the lamb. It was by the far the best sausage I've ever tried. We got the duck fat potato salad and pickled beets as sides, and they were both really, really good. We will definitely be returning.