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Jan 30, 2013 11:28 AM

Lunch tomorrow near 57th and 8th, not too expensive, relatively quiet

What are good places for lunch for 2 near there?

I like Szechuan Gourmet a lot, but I am eating with a friend who doesn't like Szechuan food.

Price: Say, under $25 per person; we won't be drinking alcohol.

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  1. Yakitori Totto has a nice lunch. The quietness may depend on your definition of relatively, but at the tables it never seems that loud.

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    1. re: Alan Henderson

      Thanks! That looks good. Do you think I need a reservation for 2 at 12:30?

      1. re: plf515

        It certainly wouldn't hurt, I've always been able to walk in without a wait, but I've always been alone and seated mostly at the bar. Their reservation policy is very specific in the evening, so I'd make sure that they actually take them for lunch.

    2. A similar query (weekday brunch near Lincoln Center) - I think some of the answers may apply to your situation as well:

      1. If you like Indian food try Benares which is right beside Szechuan Gourmet.