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Jan 30, 2013 11:13 AM

How to serve coleslaw at a party?

I love a vinegar coleslaw that a local grocery store (Earth Fare) makes called Carolina Slaw. I want to serve it at a baby shower I am hosting. It has a tangy and bright flavor and it is bright itself with light greens to dark greens to the pink/purple of the red onion.

I would love to serve it but what can I serve it with? I've never been a big coleslaw eater and the only time I've enjoyed it other than by itself was the first time I ate it atop a veggie dog.

Maybe I can just not call it coleslaw and just serve it as a salad by itself? Seems a bit too vinegary for that.

The other savory things on my menu will be:
basil hummus
artichoke dip (judyfood vegan dip)
vegetables for dipping and snacking on
maybe a cranberry almond quinoa or sun-dried tomato/caper orzo

There will most-likely be a chicken dish since the mom-to-be seems to love chicken. Everything else (all the many sweets!) except for a cake I am ordering will be vegan.

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  1. In most cases BBQ pulled pork is served with a vinegar slaw. The goodness of the pork & sauce, goes great with the vinegar & crunch.

    Or, from what I see on your menu everything is vegetarian. So, I guess pork is out......

    But, down South - BBQ pork is traditionally served with a vinegar slaw. :)

    Wish I could be of more help.

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    1. re: chloebell

      What about BBQ chicken? Or would vinegar coleslaw go okay with a chicken dish? I am trying to think of a chicken dish since the mom-to-be likes chicken (everything else, including the desserts, except on cake I am ordering will be vegan).

      She doesn't like mayonnaise with chicken so a chicken salad is out as far as I've seen!

      1. re: adenhailemariam

        Dark meat chicken pulled bbq would be lovely with the slaw. Especially on a slider bun.

        1. re: monavano

          Sliders! Great, and I thought my menu planning was almost done haha because now I'm thinking, maybe I'll then also make tempeh sliders as the plant-based slider along with chicken sliders. Wheels turning...

        2. re: adenhailemariam

          BBQ chicken would be great!! And the slider bun is an excellent idea.

          Down here (South) lots of people put their slaw on the actual bun with the BBQ.....suggest that for your friends. They might feel adventurous that day. ;)

          1. re: chloebell

            I have great buns for sliders so I might do that, chicken sliders and maybe some tempeh sliders or, I don't know, some other vegan slider because I want to eat the coleslaw, too! I mean, I could just eat it...haha thanks!

            1. re: adenhailemariam

              I know, I could eat just the vinegar slaw by itself too. Looks like your menu's coming together well. Have a great baby shower & let us know how it went!

            2. re: chloebell

              is this not the vegetarian and vegan board?
              how does barbeque chicken fit in?

              1. re: westsidegal

                True. I'd like to serve the coleslaw in a vegan dish but I just remembered the chicken dish she wanted. I would look for a veg/non-veg comparable dish maybe, like tempeh sliders and chicken sliders. But, yes, I'd like veg/an ideas!

              2. re: westsidegal

                I gather that the guest of honor is not a vegetarian so the chicken is being made specially for her.

                The tempeh sliders are an awesome idea that will be great with coleslaw, and the vegan side dishes sound great. I'd be stoked to eat at this party and have so many delicious options!

                I do feel like there has been scope creep in this section of CH lately - people talking about steak and fish and whatnot, which i find offputting, but I acknowledge that's a discussion probs best left to another thread.

          2. I'd just call it "slaw" and perhaps dress it up with bib lettuce around the edges for serving.
            It doesn't appear that you have anything on the menu as the "main", or do you?
            As has been mentioned, bright, vinegar-based slaws tend to cut the unctuousness of fatty dishes.

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            1. re: monavano

              That'll help me look for some recipes, to look for something to go along a fatty dish. I think it's kind of weird but I just think the slaw looks so the point where I would just call it slaw and put it out there! I don't have any main attraction/dish for the party so far (it's in mid-February). It will take place between lunch and dinner, 2-4PM, and I kind of did that on purpose so people could have time to eat before and eat after but have some treats in between. I'm planning to have those savory things I listed plus cinnamon almonds, fresh cut fruit, chocolate mousse scoops with berries, strawberries with coconut whipped cream, Mighty-O mini cinnamon and sugar chocolate cake donuts, blonde Hail Merry macaroons and a baby shower cake. To drink, sparkling strawberry lemonade, lemon ginger iced tea and still water.

            2. There are these cute little baby bibb lettuces on the market now. If you were to gently push back the leaves and stuff them with the slaw, they'd make nice pick-up salads. You could also stuff tiny heads of radicchio and use the insides to add to the slaw or to another salad.

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              1. re: shaogo

                By pick-up salad, do you mean something like when endive leaves have a scoop of something in them and you can pick up the leaf and eat it? That was the first thing that came to mind. I kind of really want to do that and I was thinking of having a quinoa dish to scoop into those little leaves but I'll look into those baby bibb lettuces!

                1. re: shaogo

                  Do the slaw in lettuce or radicchio leaves and have toasted sesame seeds or chopped toasted nuts to sprinkle on for an extra textural element. Yummy and pretty!

                2. I'd serve it with something warm and homey like lentils or beans. I personally like the cool, tart crunch of cole slaw with a bite of something warm and soft and a bit sweet. It's fine and completely normal to serve it alone though.

                  1. Serve it with something fried. Cauliflower perhaps...chicken-fried with a hint of curry in the buttermilk/flour/spice crust