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Jan 30, 2013 11:11 AM

Good Breakfast Meetings Downtown

Where are good places to take a breakfast meeting in Toronto?

Must be:
+ Healthy (e.g. granola / breakfast burrito),
+ Tasty (e.g. Jules, Bonjour Brioche),
- NOT stuffy (e.g. four seasons, ritz),
- NOT gross (e.g. golden griddle, coras, etc),
- NOT too noisy.

Must be open from 8am M-F.

Would love chow ideas! Many thanks :)

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  1. The Gabardine on Bay Street. Opens at 8am M-F for breakfast.

    1. Most of the places I'd go for a breakfast meeting (such as Epic at the Royal York) are on the stuffy side compared to Bonjour Brioche or Jules.

      Maybe Terroni's Bar Centrale at Summerhill would work, if Summerhill is close enough to downtown. Bar Centrale opens at 8 Mon-Sat. http://terronicentrale.com/

      Also consider Le Neuf, which opens at 7:30 am. I haven't been. http://leneufcafe.com/menu

      Most places I'd go for a tasty, midweek breakfast (Easy on College or Queen W, Le Petit Dejeuner, Detroit Eatery, Patachou, Patisserie Sebastian, ViVetha on Yonge ) aren't places I'd go for a breakfast meeting, and most aren't located downtown.

      1. Thanks!

        Decided on the Thompson Diner (open 24 hours and good eats).

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          Good luck!

          It sounds like you've found some food you like at the Thompson Diner. What would you recommend, in case I end up at the Thompson again? I'm not a fan of the Thompson Diner's grilled cheese, which is the only thing I've tried from their menu. My friends' orders didn't impress them much, eihter.

          If you're happy with a diner atmosphere, I think the breakfasts, and food in general, are probably better at the Patrician Grill, Avenue Diner and the Senator.

          If you don't mind heading a little further west, the Drake serves a great breakfast.

          1. re: prima

            I'll circle back with a breakfast report... previously had lunch there, the fried chicken as I recall was tasty (though my companions were less happy with the mac and cheese).

            Senator is great, but a bit out of the way for my meetings and the seating can be a bit tight.

            1. re: JonasBrand

              I was going to recommend Senator - Thompson has a good breakfast wrap which they will make veggie as well.