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Jan 30, 2013 10:56 AM

Cantonese Restaurant suggestions - San Mateo to Santa Clara?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer -- once again, I am planning a Chinese New Year dinner for 10. I hope Chowhounds will remind me of Cantonese restaurants for this event.

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  1. How about north of San Mateo, along the killer row of Chinese restaurants on El Camino Real in Millbrae? We like South Sea Seafood Village.

    Be prepared for special menus and special prices.

    1. Cooking Papa (Santa Clara & Foster City), R&B Seafood (Palo Alto), China Village (Belmont), Dynasty (Cupertino), Joy Luck Place (Cupertino), New Port Restaurant (Cupertino)

      1. Palo Alto - Tai Pan, Mandarin Gourmet
        (both moderately upscale and reasonable for a part of 10)

        1. Here's cooking papa's CNY banquet menu (rightmost listing)

          Should be offered at both Santa Clara and Foster City locations but call to ask to be safe. It's probably the cheaper one of the lot.

          I suggest you celebrate it outside of 2/9 and 2/10, the restaurants will be overcrowded and the nicer places will be slow and inefficient (and quality all over the charts, mostly on the downslide). Cooking Papa is used to madness on the weekends, and are still very efficient regardless.

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            On Monday I had a chance to try the Santa Clara location of Cooking Papa for the first time. The CNY specials menu is shown below. From that we ordered the stir-fried sticky rice, the duck tongues (jaws), and the Chinese New Year fish soup.

            The stir-fried sticky rice was wetter, softer, and more broken up than the superlative version we'd had at the Foster City branch. The duck tongues were firmer and saltier than at FC, and I didn't like them as much. None of us liked the Chinese New Year fish soup that had pig stomach, dried bean curd sheets, dried oysters, and mushrooms . . .much too fishy and smelling of offal. While we struck out on that menu, we did like everything else.

            Santa Clara is much noisier than Foster City. I'd suggest taking a group of 10 to Foster City over Santa Clara.