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Jan 30, 2013 10:54 AM

Dinner options for 50 people in Buckhead or Midtown?

Hey Atlanta hounds,

I'm planning a work trip in the first week of March, and can use some localized help to find dinner options. We haven't booked the hotel yet, but we've go it narrowed down to either the W Hotel in Midtown, or the Marriott Buckhead Hotel. I'd like your help to find some options in walking distance of those two venues.

I would also like an options for a caterer that can cook at a public park about an hour's drive north of the city. Not sure of where this park is just yet.

The walking distance part is important because there's going to be 50 of us, and logistically, we want don't want to arrange buses or limos just to move that many people to get dinner. Rental cars are not part of the plan.

One night, we're doing dinner + a presentation, so we're considering a restaurant with a private room that will accomodate 50. Alternatively, we might consider renting out the whole restaurant. That's going to be on a Monday night, so I expect that lots of restaurants would jump all over that.

Cuisine - can be anything, but it's 50 people whose tastes in food are probably all over the place, so nothing too esoteric. Me personally, I'm hoping for a great modern Southern menu.

Price - we're willing to drop some coin on our VIP guests. I would like a range that covers great hole-in-the-wall caterers to fine dining.

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  1. looks like you need a wedding venue type place--hopefully others will chime in here--you might try as well--has more folks looking.
    I bought out the restaurant, La Grotta at the Crown Plaza hotel for a smiilar event, altough we had 125--food is excellent, they have great audio visuals, and nice japanese garden for pre diner drinks appetizers--and the hotel is first class--its at the perimeter mall area, but very convenient to MARTA to get downtown--maybe 15 minute train ride.
    As to parks, id suggest something along the banks pf Lake Lanier--its about an hour or less and lots of parks--as an extra when we would do that, we'd organize fishing guides for those who were interetsed--they have huge striped bass, up to 40lbs, and they clean them so you could cook them up or just relaease them--lots of fun and it should be warm enough--- whoich is run by Doug Youngblood--he can organize all the guides you might need

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      Try this group in Buckhead: - They have several restaurants that differ in food. They could accommodate you any way. I've been to all of them, and their food is excellent.

      There are also two malls by your hotel: Lenox Mall & Phipps Plaza. You can walk to both (weather should be fine in ATL in March). The restaurants in either mall are good. I do know that Davio's (Italian) in Phipp's Plaza is great. But, check out the others too......all are good.

    2. Some southern options in walking distance from the W midtown could be Empire State South and South City Kitchen.
      ESS is pretty accommodating for this kind of thing.

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        Funny, I was just looking at ESS's site before I checked in on this thread. Yeah, that looks exactly like the place I'm looking for. Hopefully our people in charge book the W Hotel!

        What other restaurants besides ESS and South City Kitchen are in the vicinity of the W? It doesn't have to be Southern menu

        1. re: Professor Salt

 are a few that quickly come to mind.
          Veni Vidi Vici
          Table 1280
          The Oceannaire

      2. Midtown it is - we're going to be at the W Hotel. These are on the short list.

        Empire State South
        South City Kitchen
        Table 1280
        The Spence

        How about coffeeshops in the neighborhood? Great beer pubs? Craft cocktail bars?