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Jan 30, 2013 10:17 AM

cheese and apple pairings

Can anyone recommend cheeses to be paired for the following apples? Please no cheddar. Thanks in advance:

-Mutsu/Orin: In between pear and apple in terms of crispness, sweet but not like a fuji
-Arkansas Black
-Honey Crisp

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  1. A tangy goat cheese, a salty blue, a creamy Camembert, or crumbly Manchego are excellent pairings, and offer different textures as well.

    1. Letsindulge had some great suggestions.

      I'll add:

      Apples are really cheese-friendly, so you have numerous options.

      1. What they said. Really, hard to think of a cheese that doesn't go well with apples. I don't think apples are different enough -- especially the ones you listed, which are fairly similar (imho) -- that it matters what cheese you pair with which variety.

        My pick would be:

        An aged gouda
        A triple creme
        A creamy blue

        Why not cheddar? It's classic for a reason!

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I find that apples that are sweeter and crisper dont go well with certain cheeses. For instance, the "softer" cheese like a brie goes better with a mutsu (or a pear) than with, say, a fuji. The apples varieties I listed do have certain, subtle differences - for example, a cameo is on the sweeter, crisper side than an arkansas black. a mutsu is nothing near any of the apples i listed, maybe except a honey crisp - but, a honey crisp is sweeter.

          anyway, i'll give all these suggestions a try.

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          1. re: majordanby

            to each their own -- we eat tons of Pink Lady and Fuji and Gala with Brie.

          2. Arkansas black, my favorite apple. Due to it's severe tartness and crunch a cheese like Fiscalini San Joachim gold that is not very sharp but texturely perfect would match well.