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Jan 30, 2013 09:45 AM

Authentic Chinese in Charleston, SC - Riso Noodle House

We made our second trip to Riso Noodle House in Charleston yesterday. Our first trip was a couple weeks ago and we were delighted to see they have two menus. One was a fairly standard offering of "normal" Chinese/Asian food. This isn't a typical take-out place as it has tables & chairs, but the menu had many familiar items..Chinese, Thai, and Japanese. But what intrigued us was the separate menu labeled "Authentic Chinese". We ended up ordering two dishes from the authentic menu and one from the regular menu. While the regular dish was better than any other Chinese place we visit in the area we decided that our next trip would be entirely from the authentic menu.

And so it was. We had a couple of dishes that were outstanding (just like our first trip). The authentic menu has vastly different selections than your typical Chinese take-out so don't be intimidated. The fact is that the items are prepared perfectly and are delicious. We've tried four different items from that menu now and plan on exploring even more upon our return trips.

Let me be honest. We are not the easiest people to satisfy. There are plenty of "popular" restaurants in the Charleston area that folks talk very highly about and we just aren't impressed by. So when we find a spot that we really enjoy it's like finding a jem in a rock mine.

Last week I reported on the Mexican food at La Nortena. This week it's the Chinese food at Riso Noodle House. The Charleston area is starting to produce some good offerings.

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  1. I totally agree. The food is wonderful here. Best service I've ever had. I drink lots of ice tea and Regina and Patty bring me a refill before I've finished my first tea. The two Hong Kong natives make you feel like one of the family. I'm sorry to report that on Feb. 28, 2014 two of the owners will be leaving. I suspect due to lack of business. It's a shame West Ashley hasn't supported this very special restaurant. The restaurant will reopen in a few days with a different menu and new personnel. I wish them the best.

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      Very sad to hear. I'm positive the "Authentic Chinese" menu will be gone. That's why we went.

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        Well, this certainly gives me mixed feelings. I'd been intending on trying the second menu here after seeing Hannah Raskin's write-up in the P&C. I'm glad to see agreement that it's good and sad to see there's a good chance I won't get to try it! Jay, out of curiosity, what dishes did you try?

        It goes to show if you wait too long, you're likely to miss some of the best food around town. For that reason, I'm trying the new Dominican place on Dorchester Road this weekend. Figured I had better give it a try before it disappears!

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          It's been a while since we've been, living in northern MtP and all...but we really enjoyed the dry beef noodle. The wet noodle was good, but not as good to us as the dry. The Marshall Balls are great as well. We enjoyed a couple more as well, but for the life of me I can't remember what they were.

          A Dominican place on Dorchester? Haven't heard about that...