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Jan 30, 2013 09:43 AM

Indian food in and around Calgary.

I can't navigate this board anymore. I couldn't find an old Thread but maybe they cleaned them out since places close and new ones open.

I basically came to talk about

This is our favorite Indian restaraunt right now. We went looking for another place in Airdrie that had closed down. This one is really great though. It's kind of mid range for Indian places price wish but is as nice as and I've been to. Even though it's in a strip mall at the other end from a noisey bar/lounge/restaurant.

I should have told you guys about it before but I'm not a very good hounder I guess. I highly reccomend them. Run by a very nice family also.

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  1. What matters is you're sharing now. Great Indian is a great find--great Indian in Airdrie: priceless.

    Thanks! Any stand out favourite dishes?

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      We have had most of the stand by items. Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, naan, garlic naan, lamb.

      It's all been excellent. I guess my favorite is the appetizer platter.