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Jan 30, 2013 09:36 AM

Sycamore or Puritan & Co.?

Looking for a great restaurant for a surprise romantic birthday dinner. Trying to get somewhere my date hasn't ever been, hence the new spots here. Deciding between Sycamore (Newton) and Puritan & Co. (Cambridge). Ambiance must be cozy and food must be delicious and not boring. Any votes? Thanks!

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  1. I'd call the 50-seat Sycamore rather cozier than Puritan & Co., which looks like a big, nicely-decorated barn and seats closer to a hundred. The food is lovely and locally-focused at both. Prices are pretty similar.

    Sycamore is more French-leaning New American; P&C is American with historical leanings (some old-timey accents on there) and a few more creative flourishes. Sycamore has a nice little bar setup with a full license; P&C only has beer/wine, but the wine list is quite good. (I reviewed P&C in the Phoenix this week.)

    1. You'll really have to try them both, two great new additions. To add to what mcslim said, I found Puritan had a fancier feel, shiny, a little sceney in a fun way. Sycamore much smaller, nice warm feel. Both were bustling, active, loud, and I wouldn't describe either as cosy, at least on the nights I was there.

      If you haven't yet been to Bondir, I'd say it fits your specs quite well.