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Jan 30, 2013 09:14 AM

Pressure Cooker: 2/3rd max fill: peak or level?

Let's say I'm cooking 2 large chicken breasts in a 4 quart fagor duo.

Let's say the breasts extend above the 2/3rds max fill line, but I'm not cooking anything else, so there's lots of "empty space" so lots of room to build up steam. .

Is that ok?


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  1. That should be fine. (In any case, what do you have to lose by trying?)

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    1. re: Miss Priss

      I didn't want to suck a chicken breast through the valve or ruin anything.

      1. re: mike2401

        Really unlikely. All that would happen if the chicken breasts took up too much space is that pressure wouldn't build and the chicken breasts wouldn't cook. And maybe, if you left the pot on high heat for too long while waiting in vain for the pressure to build, you'd get some scorching on the bottom.

        1. re: Miss Priss

          If you put the chicken breasts in the cooker, you will need to add liquid to cover by about 1/2". Do not fill the pot. See my note above.

          One of the good things about pressure cookers is that they do not need as much liquid and therefore you do not lose and many nutrients to evaporation as you would with a raise or in a slow cooker.

    2. 2/3 max. If it is full you will reducee the efficiency of the cooker. It will not have the room to produce the pressure.