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Jan 30, 2013 08:46 AM

The best margaritas??

Where can I find amazing margaritas in Berkeley, Walnut Creek, or Pleasanton areas? Planning dinner for a large group, food can be mediocre but we need the best margaritas!!

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  1. So I'm just going to lurk on this one--but add a p.s. to the OP--when you name your best margaritas, I'd love to hear what makes them the best.

    1. Mediocre food + great margaritas = Picante.

      1. Comal, Fonda -- but most enthusiastically, Cafe Rouge. During the holidays we stopped by for a late-afternoon snack of their bar meatballs, olives and fries. The margarita was great and they have some sophisticated sodas for non-drinkers. The friendly server didn't mind us hogging a table and not eating much. The worst margarita I've ever had was at Skates.

        1. Tamarindo, Rumbo Al Sur, Bocanova and Camino in Oakland all make very good Margaritas as well as other Tequilla and Mezcal based Cocktails.

          1. Haven't been in a while, but Dona Tomas used to make a fab Margarita.

            I also love the margaritas at A Cote.