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Jan 30, 2013 08:00 AM

All Clad @ Home Goods

I needed an inexpensive pan to use on an induction hot plate yesterday. I bought a All-Clad brand 12" slope sided frying pan (when I was a student @ chef's school they were FKA: saute pans). I've seen plenty of knock-offs @ this price point but this is the first actual All Clad brand. It is clad throughout including the sides. I would imagine the manufacturing cost for any of these pans is quite low once you have the machinery in place so why not offer pots and pans at multiple price points. They are probably trying to get some of the considerable business they lose to Walmart (Tramontina) and Cuisinart. Does anyone have any experience with these cheap All Clad pans?

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  1. Homegoods re-sells inventory from bigger stores that didn't move fast enough. That's why it's discounted. I've picked up a few All-Clad pieces there and so far I can't find any difference between the one I got there and the one I got as a gift (from my parents, who have money, who shop at williams sonoma lol). If it has a tag when you buy it, it should also have a part number so you can look it up. The pans are cheap because they didn't sell quickly enough not because they are a lesser quality version. As far as I understand that is. Love my 10 inch skillet I got for $39! :D

    1. I have a pretty extensive collection of All Clad cookware, most of it obtained from TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods on clearance. I can detect no difference between these pieces and those I have been gifted by family, purchased at department and specialty stores.

      1. forgot to mention in original post the price I paid.....$30.00

        1. <They are probably trying to get some of the considerable business they lose to Walmart (Tramontina) and Cuisinart>

          Nah. First, the All Clad brand never tries to compete with them. They target different markets. Second, All Clad the company does have a separate division to compete the cheaper-tier cookware. It is called: Emerilware

          I believe Emerilware actually bring in more money than All Clad cookware for the All Clad the company.

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            Emerilware is very clearly marked as such on the bottom of the pan.

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              I know. I was trying to tell the original poster that All Clad in HomeGood is not a marketing strategy against Tramontina and Cuisinart.

          2. Those "cheap" All-Clad pans at HomeGoods are the exact same pans they sell at Williams-Sonoma. Except WS has them at full retail price.

            HomeGoods also sells "seconds". But they also have a lot of brand new All-Clad pans. In fact, I was at HomeGoods today. They had at least 7 brand new, not seconds, regular 10" skillets for $39 on clearance. I own plenty of All-Clad to know those are the real deal.

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              Just to be nit-picky: The "seconds" sold at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, etc. are every bit as "brand new" as the first-quality merchandise sold there. "Seconds" haven't been used; they simply have minor defects that don't affect performance.