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Jan 30, 2013 07:05 AM

Cabbage stuffed with chicken in today's NYT

There's a recipe in today's Times that looks very appealing to me. It's stuffed cabbage with chicken and mushrooms, but without a tomato based sauce. The thing is, it seems pretty dependant on sour cream. Do you think that Tofutti Better than Sour Cream would work?
Or what orhwe substitute do think would do the trick?

(I don't know if this link will work)

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  1. I would be reluctant to try this. I've used the sour cream replacers when they're a minor element in a recipe, but here, the sour cream is fundamental, and the slightly weird flavor of the substitutes (IMO) would be off-putting.

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    1. re: GilaB

      Yes that's how it seems to me too, but I'm always hopeful that someone knows of something that I don't.

      I also thought that I might experiment with thickening the liquid with some xanthan gum (I've never used it, but I've been reading up on it) and maybe a little lemon juice for some tang.

      I'm just so reluctant to go through the many steps of making the chicken mixture and stuffing the cabbage, only to have it turn out weird.

      1. re: helou

        I have used the Tofuti sour cream in Beef Stroganof with great success -

    2. I made this last night. It was VERY good, but dill is not something I really love. It's too good not to make again, can anyone suggest herbs that would enhance and go with this dish?

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        I'm glad to hear it was good. I'm planning to make it soon. I'm also not a huge fan of dill so I think I'll cut own the amount I use, but not entirely.
        Did you use real sour cream? Since keeping kosher precludes mixing meat and dairy, that's the challenge for me with this recipe.

        1. re: helou

          Yes, I did use real sour cream. I don't know what the answer for you would be..... sorry. I've decided that it is so unusual, but good, that it should be used for a first course (in a small amount) with something else following....

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          For an herb other than dill, I might try thyme, tarragon, or even parsley. The latter would add more of a "green" taste, I think, the others would probably be more "herby" and a bit lighter.

          1. re: asf78

            Thanks! I think that sounds very good!

            1. re: McGyvear

              please keep us updated on the parve sour cream -

        3. So I made this yesterday. The pareve sour cream was fine - there wasn't that much of it; it just made the liquid a little thicker and more "interesting looking," if that makes any sense. I have no idea how real sour cream would have been different.

          All in all, though, I found the results a little disappointing. There was nothing wrong with it, and my husband liked and ate it.

          It was just too bland for all the work that went into it. I suspect it might taste a lot better with beef rather than the white meat chicken (and a little turkey) the recipe calls for.

          I also tend to under-salt when I'm cooking because I always feel that kashered meat is already salty, but maybe I'm wrong. In this case I think the dish would have benefited from significantly more salt in the chicken filling mixture. I had lots of delicious onions, garlic, and mushrooms in it, but it was just OK.

          I'll probably try it again, but definitely with beef, or chicken dark meat rather than white.

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          1. re: helou

            Replace it with ground dark turkey and it will be miles better.

            1. re: DeisCane

              That's a good suggestion. Thanks. I'll try it.

          2. I needed this recipe parve, as well. Forget the sour cream altogether and focus on improving the stuffing. I halved the recipe, but you can figure out the proportions easily. Use shitake mushrooms for better flavor, as well good dry wine (kosher quality wine is easier to come by these days)

            Sauté one leek and one shallot in olive oil. Don't brown. Remove from pan and quickly sauté pressed or mashed 1-3 garlic cloves. Remove from pan and add chopped mushrooms. Generously salt with Kosher salt. When the mushrooms have softened, remove and combine with the other sautéed ingredients. Let cool. Chop, don't process the ingredients. Add half pound ground chicken, unflavored bread crumbs,(use your judgment, but it should be like meatloaf consistency) and white pepper. Refrigerate.

            Return to the recipe. Sweat a half onion the add cabbage slices. Proceed with rest of instructions. If you insist on some kind of sauce, use a deeper pot and cook in more wine and broth. The result was wonderful and need not be limited to kosher cooking. Also, despite the changes, very easy to make.

            1. got rid of the dill, too.