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Jan 30, 2013 07:01 AM

40th Birthday Bash in Vegas!

Somehow we managed to get 12 people together last minute for a trip to Vegas to celebrate my big 4-0 next weekend. Yay!

I'm looking for a nicer, somewhat reasonably priced place on the strip next Friday night that I have a remote chance of still getting a reservation for 12 (I know, keep dreaming, right?). Somewhere in the $50 to $100 per person range with drinks would be ideal.

Saturday night we're looking to keep it more casual. I was thinking Public House or Burger Bar? Any others?

Also, we'd like to go dancing one night. Any recommendations on clubs where I won't feel like the oldest person in the place? :)

Thanks so much!!

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  1. Wooo Hooooo...
    Happy 40th!

    I would hit up Charlie Palmer's 'Cut of the Week' at Mandalay Bay for Bday party...$48 per person with bottomless wine..3 courses..incredible deal..make reservations soon!

    Lotus of Siam for lunch for the of the best Thai in the USA...order off the menu..divey goodness.

    Twist or Sage for dinner..
    Bouchon for breakfast at Venetian
    Milos at the Cosmos for 3 course lunch $20.13 pp.

    Clubs..Cosmo, Wynn, Palms..

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      1. Well , if you were in town Feb-1st I'd say hit the First Friday Street festival.

        If you want to keep it light you can try the Bar+Bistro located in the Arts Factory (Charleston+Main) just North of the Stratosphere. Chef Beni is doing good things over there. Sunday they have the Hangover brunch with live Bluegrass.

        The Artifice bar/lounge is across the street, and has bands from time to time. A DJ is always spinning various music, and they have a big dance floor.

        The Artisan botique Hotel gets going at 2:30 am when the other clubs thin out, and goes till 10am. Music is Dudstep, small dance floor, but the party never stops. Covers beat the Strip by a mile-locals are free, unless there is a special event. The Artisan will have 1,500-1,700 people a night through the doors. They have a Facebook page,check em out. I believe the Artifice does too.

        As with most clubs the dress codes vary, the above are pretty loose. Artisan requires pants,shoes-no shorts, or sandals-jeans ,and a nice shirt are good enough. Artifice is pretty lax. At either one you won't be the oldest depending on the night. I'm 47, and don't feel out of place at either.