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Jan 30, 2013 06:04 AM

Novi - Business Lunch??


I have two people coming in from out of town for a business meeting. Novi is the most centrally located city, but I'm not real familiar with the restaurants in that area. I'm looking for something VERY convenient from the expressways and hopefully some decent lunch as well.

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  1. Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro

    Novi Chophouse (inside the Crowne Plaza, fka Doubletree)

    Lelli's on the Green

    Toasted Oak (inside the Baronette-Renaissance Hotel) Avoid
    their soups.

    Steve & Rocky's

    Sweet Lorraine's

    ... and a ton of unremarkable chain food.

      1. Cherry Blossom is good for a business meeting if they like Sushi.

        1. Bibimbap is as close as any of the listed places. But, it is VERY hard to see from the street. If you want to take the chance that you will spot it, then you will get a quite tasty and interesting lunch. The place is 'business intimate,' meaning that you may share a grill and little side dishes with your associates, in a bonding and conversation-starting manner. Not sure if that fits your need. Maybe you just need quiet, and table space on which to display documents? In any event, many Korean business people like to meet there.

          1. Hi All,

            thanks for the advice. I'll do a little digging into these and see which one will work out.

            Thanks again!

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              You got some good recommendations above - Novi has some very good places, and a ton of blah chains. Avoid the chains if you can!

              1. re: Mosco

                Several good picks—as I recall, Cherry Blossom has separate room up front, with natural light, that would be great for a business meeting.